Play and learning stuff nights at the Wrecktory

Lockdown is coming to a close - at least for now
Work isnt as manic as it has been
And I am missing all you guys :frowning:

I had an idea for doing some “Leaning” nights at the wrecktory… I should make this clear… this is not a Yeti teaches stuff… cos lets face it, the only think I can really teach is how to make a mess of sommit… More a “lets learn something together” kind of thing.

I have a few bits of equipment kicking about that may be good areas to start, going through kit I have here and lets see if anyone wants to learn and use some of it:-

Mig Welder - kinda useful for sticking bits of metal together
Vinyl Cutter - can cut awesome pretty shapes out of vinyl, either for stickers or clotting, or paint masks
Heat Press - Brilliant for sticking vinyl to clothing
3D printers - for slowly growing plastic parts
Arduino Micro controllers, wires, switches LEDs etc - or making all sorts of cool electronic projects that may or may not be car related
Raspberry Pi - similar as arduino - cool stuff to be learnt or created
Soldering equipment - for melty melty things to do with electrics
Selection of mechanicing tools
Assorted fibreglass supplies
Im sure there is a bunch of other things that I do not recall

anything that grabs anyones attention as something they would like to play with / learn / make something with?

I guess if I was going to put restrictions on anything it is that we cover costs of consumables in some way, and that we are not making anything for resale - apart from via the punks shop in some sorta effort to get the warchest going again and get us moar stuff to play with at shows.

What do you think guys? wanna learn stuff?


Can you show us how to use your favourite tool?

Trickiest bit about that one is finding rust free metal to remove…

… I might be doing this wrong

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