Photography Thread

I thought this was the appropriate place to start this thread. You can share any hints and tips and ask for any device. Plus share any awesome photos you ma have taken!

Here are 2 of my favorites that I’ve taken.

One from Japfest 2

One from Donington Historic Festival

I’ve only just started, got some nice shots on M1 today though…

Been for a photo shoot type thing

nice shots there :smiley:
I definitely need more practice!

so i only take pictures with my Galaxy S4, but every so often i am amazed by what a crappy digital thing on a phone can do…

Primrose HIll, looking at London’s sky line:

and of course i can’t not whore out my own possessions…

I either lack skills (likely) or my nexus 4 camera is pants, I never get results like that from my phone. good work :thumbsup:

These aren’t so much ‘in action’ shots of cars, but a recent trip to Ferrari World yielded these results (some are poor upload quality, sorry)

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@denzg loving that engine and gearbox pic :slight_smile:

Next question is… Does anyone mind if I start showcasing the pics they share here on the Facebook page? @linkheroz @corders @DenzG

That’s fine by me :slight_smile:

Purely because it shows how im sat in the boot of the mx5 taking this :smile:

will add some of my actual pics rather than just these. taken a couple of good ones but always need to improve…and maybe use my camera more!

bit late, but yes you may share my pictures with credit! :slight_smile:

I tagged you in it already :stuck_out_tongue:

Added you to teh description too now :wink:

ok so let’s chuck some more up from when i went round Europe:

centre of Bruges:

the view down Stelvio Pass:

the view when we reached the bottom:

the moon over Montpelier. this took about 5 goes:

on top of a mountain in Andorra:

then finally my car through a gate in the middle of France:

Took this one this evening and it came out better than I expected.

My sister had her rabbit inside this morning so I thought I’d get the camera out. Rather pleased with this one.

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“My sister had her rabbit inside so i thought i’d get the camera out”
That sounds so wrong, thank god there was an explanatory picture :joy:

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@linkheroz good pic :smiley:

I’ve got a bunch of pics I took while in Thailand… I really should look through them and post any if I managed something good.

@Barefoot … your mind… clearly warped 98% of the time :smiley:

Dammit, just realised this is another thread with lost images :frowning: might have to have a clear out of the old posts… I’ll give everyone a chance to re-link images first before I go delete happy tho :smiley: