Personalised Punks Hoodies!


That is a very good question!!!
By Friday 15th if possible, I’ll front buying the hoodies and printing stuff until then :smiley:


Hi, Could I get a Large Dark Grey hoody with White Sherpa, Red logo and Name (Tom Andrew Productions) If thats too long just Tom is great! Cheers!!


added you to the list :smiley: thanks matey x


Could I get a large dark grey sherpa, white print - Name “Nath” please Mr Yeti?


I’ve sent you some cash over pal £43.50!!


Sweet, thanks matey :smiley:


Can you shorten my name just to Erik though


I appear to be missing from the list :slight_smile:

1x medium black zip with name (Rikk) & dark purple print… but dark green or red would work too if the purple is terrible.


@Yetidragon I’m assuming PayPal…? Where would you like it sending?


Indeed, let me know where to PayPal the money :wink:


hey everyone, sorry been quiet, the joys of trying to do accounts and dead websites in spare time lols

Paypall addy is :smiley: xxx


Paid Mr @Yetidragon


OK… list up to date…
Orders on raw materials going in today :smiley:
Should have all the stuff to start making by Wednesday… not only that… I got a heater in the unit now so I 'll be able to make them more than 1 at a time without freezing lol.



Hoodies are ready for collectioni!!!

So -

ERIK - Paid :moneybag:
Snaphappy - Paid :moneybag:
Nth - Paid :moneybag:
Cat - Paid :moneybag: (But choosing print color Friday)
Trikelife - Collected
Jaqs - Collected

If you want them posting rather than collecting let me know and I will get postage costs :smiley:


Paid! Will collect at some point. I’m in Sheffield Friday evening although might be short on time… or can wait to an event or something :slight_smile:


Still got a few hoodies waiting here… any of you going to Japfest this weekend? I can bring them with me :slight_smile: ( thanks for the idea @Snaphappy )


Don’t be giving him credit




Yeah… Someone left without something didn’t he…


The best laid plans …