Personalised Punks Hoodies!


I have been getting quite a few requests for Hoodies recently, like different colours, prints etc.
I thought I would open it out to the forum and see if we can get a bit of a list together so we can save a bit on postage from the suppliers over making lots of small orders on blank hoodies for us to print.

I know there will be questions about sizes, prints, colours and styles etc, so I will keep this OP updated with answers as we go :smiley:

Overhead or Zipped £40
Name on front +£3.50
Sherpa +£4
Name and Sherpa +£6

So who wants what? so far on my list I have:-
@jaqs Graphite Grey sherpa hoodie with Dark red print Punks logo, name on front
@TrikeLife94 2x Medium overhead hoodie, bottle green, white Hammers and Zipties print
@Erik69 1x Medium French Navy hoodie (Overhead?) with white Punks logo print
@JDM_Clare 1 x Medium Sherpa black, Red Logo print + Name on front
@seriousrikk black zip medium with name & (if possible) dark purple print… but red would work too.
@Reechard 1x red sherpa with white print + name
@Cat 1x medium sherpa in graphite with purple / cyan print + name on front
@Snaphappy 1 x red Sherpa In XL with white lettering and name .
@LewisL 1 x dark grey and white sherpa in large
@Puggilad96 Dark Grey Sherpa in Large, Red Print - Name Tom Andrew Productions
@Nth 1 x Dark grey sherpa in large. White print & name Nath
Scottie 1 x black zip up, White print, and name.

Instagram Stickers

Black - sherpa - M - zippy - red - + name please :heart_eyes: If it will keep me warm I could help make some too :snowflake::unamused::joy:


It’s bloody cold in the unit lols, not sure it would be any warmer than your house, but you can try it :laughing: I managed to singe myself the other week printing stuff cos my hands were so cold I didn’t notice getting too close to the heatpress lol


:joy: we can sort something out! I’m sure there are loads of punks dying to help make merch! I know I felt pretty good seeing peeps wearing clothes I’d printed with You :muscle::grin:


Sure I could get up there for a couple of hours to help with stuff

Also, hoodie, assuming generous fit 1x medium black zip with name & (if possible) dark purple print… but red would work too.


Not that it helps, but I wear medium in either style… pretty sure it will be a good fit for You, but if you came up to help you could try them on :joy:

As far as I know, purple flock this year was a total fail from current suppliers. We struggled with it for a couple of purple punk fanatics! But Yeti may have sourced a purple alternative by the time these come to print :crossed_fingers:


Do you have a rough idea on ordering times? Need time to recover from Christmas spending :smile:


I’ll close this one at end of January and get orders out in early Feb :smiley:


Yeti I should be on the list I’ve only been nagging you for a new hood since I last had a mk1 haha


You know I need a good list to help my poor poor memory lol.


WOOOOOOOO HOODIES!!! Weeding is strangly therapeutic (probably cause I don’t end up bleeding like I do with mechanical work)


Not sure what is available, but I’d like a medium sherpa hoodie in dark grey (dark as you can get without being black), preferably with purple Punks logo on back and purple name on front. Will accept a lesser colour for logo/name if purple is tricky, such as cyan, pink or red (in that order of preference).


I have to be the one to ask …what are the colour options for the Sherpa hoodies ?


Sherpa colours…


Cheers for the colours @Yetidragon , can I get a red Sherpa with white lettering and name . In XL


Screw it, red sherpa with white name please yeti.
In fat bastard size


I could do with a new hoodie… :thinking:


Yeah ok count me in too, would be a shame to miss out. Could you put me down for a large dark grey and white sherpa/zipped please :smile:


OP updated with peeps orders :smiley:
Looking to close this up this weekend and get all the stuffs ordered, hopefully get them printed and posted in next couple of weeks :smiley:
Anyone else wanna join in?


When do you want payment pal??