Other Halfs Car Gets An Enhancement!


While my cars away having its paintwork repaired i decided to give the other halfs Corsa a bit of a lift in the paint department.
When we bought it(Oct 2014) the paint was pretty good and to give a bit of winter protection it was given a quick all in one polish(Autobrite Cherry Glaze) and Waxed with Autobrite CCE Wax, since then the car had done 7k+ and although the wax was still protecting the car had picked up alot in the way of contamination, mostly tar on the lower panels.
First job was to get the car properly clean, this was no mean feat in itself but it was Foamed with KKD foam and then washed with Ab’s Purple Velvet. Next up the car was covered in Bilt Hamber Korrosol fall out remover, left a few minutes for it to work, rinsed down, detarred, and finally Clayed with my Clay Cloth, which is so much faster then old fashioned clay bars, having said that all of this took 4 hours or so.
Happy the car was now clean and down to bare paint i needed something to put back on, time being an issue i decided an enhancement by hand was the way forward, this consisted of a coat of 50Cal Detailing Filler Glaze, this was then topped with Definitive Wax Anniversary Durus Wax, the tyres were dressed the glass sealed and plastics dressed also leaving me with these afters, thanks for looking and reading :smile: