Old Coilovers Dead, In With The New

Recently got some new hsd dual tech coilovers for the five as my eBay ones were, well lets just say they were gone​:joy::sob::joy: haven’t made any major ajustment with dampening or height yet just got the height were I like it Nd let the coilovers settle in


Quality, got a set of these myself a couple of months back. After a couple of dampening adjustments I’ve found 5 clicks from hard is really good. Not tried them set any harder yet, but they’re good how they are.

I’ve set the front to 310mm wheel arch to wheel centre, and the rear 320mm. Front needs raising, I’ve destroyed my right side mud guard already haha.

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I’ve put mine 5 clicks from softest but gonna adjust the dampening this weekend, did your height drop after coilovers settled in?

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Bet they will ride better than the ebay ones!

Yeah they dropped a bit. Not mental but perhaps like 1cm ish. Haven’t remeasured yet, but my fronts are a bit too low to be practical. I’ve scraped a few times, it’s not nice.

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