Nissan GTR Photoshoot

Had a small shoot with a friend’s Nissan GTR today. Full album can be seen > HERE <


That is incredibly clean… Although for a 50k car youd kinda hope so I guess :see_no_evil::joy:

Superb shots, as always Chris!

Thanks @JDM_Clare :slight_smile: Its currently 680hp and its the maximum the tuning company can do. Next upgrade would be gearbox at £16k! :open_mouth:

Awesome pics again matey :smiley: you mind if we share them on the Combustionpunks site and facebook page?

You get free badge :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


No Problem Matt :slight_smile:


And team points Once the scoring has been set out!!

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Thanks matey :smiley: I’ll get them up inna sec :slight_smile:

Done :smiley: tagged ya up matey :smiley: thanks for letting us share them out :smiley:

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