New Hoodie Design Group buy!

Well it has been a while since we finished the new logo… and even longer since we printed up some hoodies… so with the up coming Peaks meet Spring Peaks run 2022! - #4 by Erik69 I think it is about time to get my ass in gear and get some printed up and here is a group buy to get us started :smiley:

Everything that is ordered this week I will get made in time for collection at the peaks meet, any one not attending I can post out xxx

This is the design that is going on the back - for this group buy I will be doing a multi colour print - these will be rarer than the usual single colour ones so dont miss out!!!

as usual, we will offer the choice between the standard over the head hoody, and the super snuggly Sherpa Zip up.

Pricing - errr… not ordered any blank hoodies in a while, so will have to check purchase prices, I am hoping that the hoodies and print vinyl have not increased in price too much, I am hoping to keep previous prices of £45 without name and £50 with personalistation.

will need to know what style you required, size, and if you want your forum name on the front. I’ll list up orfers here

  1. Yetidragon, Sherpa, XL, with Name.

  2. List item

  1. Yetidragon, Sherpa, XL, with Name.
  2. Lokki, Sherpa XL with name and R/M logo
  3. Jaqs, Sherpa XL with name and R/M logo

Monkeyspanker, Sherpa, large, no name
And Sherpa, medium, no name.
Is there a choice of colours? If so large black and medium in blue please :heart:

Chris ,over head blue XXL no name.

Hero cheers yeti hope to see you at the peaks run

Medium over the head with name, hoodie in blue , cheers pal

Hey Matt,

Its been a while - but have to get the name down for one of these!

Zip up Sherpa please, large black, no name.

Need to get my ass out in the mx too - although I have the other half’s '90 eunos to take out too!

Wont be able to make the peaks run, gimme a shout on FB about postage though!

Hi Matt,

When are you wanting cash for these ?

At the peaks meet on Sunday will do matey, if you are not gonna make it then Monday and ill post :grin:

Ah… ok … a slight fly in the ointment… Cannot get hold of the blank hoodies at the moment, looks like our supplier is out of most of the selection above, so I will not be able to get sorted for the Peaks meet :frowning: sorry guys :frowning:

I will sort out an order as soon as possible and do the option of collection or shipped as soon as sorted!

xxx Sorry xxx

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