New Features on the forum!

Awesome stuff

(well I think so… but you know I’m weird)

Just in case you havn’t seen them yet… I have been adding a few new features to the forum - mostly to help with Events shows etc,

So now we have a couple of extra buttons supplied by the guys over at The Pavilion:-


  • Shows events on a Map, you know, so you can find the events local to you, a spin off of this is that you can also, if you want, add a location to your profile so we can also find other 'Punks close to us


  • Lists all upcoming events in chronological order


  • Guess what, it shows a calendar with all our events on it.
    Events you should be able to add to your iCal / Google Calendar - as soon as I work out the setting for that :laughing:

Obvs it is gonna take me a little time to get everything entered in, but as we start planning upcoming events it should make it a little easier to find and keep track of stuff happening.


This all sounds major organised. I love it