New Daily! Options?


Well, it looks as though my current daily, a crappy Ford Mondeo Mk3 2.2 TDCI Titanium X has finally died! it decided to empty its oil all over the road, the RAC man told me it had blown a hole in the side of the block! (well it hasn’t but I cannot currently find out what has happened), all that said I have very little hope it will live again, so its time to find a new CHEAP daily, i do too many miles to warrant buying an expensive car!!

So what does one look in a daily!! well, I have a list, a list that will never be fulfilled by just one car! but let’s see how many we can squeeze into one car with a max budget of £2000!!

In no particular order

  1. Fun to drive
  2. Comfortable to drive (i do a 75-mile daily commute)
  3. Cheap to live with (tax, repair, fuel (aiming for around 40mpg)
  4. Reliable
  5. Capable of towing (last week I bought a tilt bed car transporter trailer! I have family that have vehicles that can tow but would be nice to do it myself (trailer for hire lol)
  6. Good looking! but I know love is in the eye of the beholder.
  7. Be useful for tip runs, buying supplies from the various merchants (I’m renovating a house!) so roof rack to big boot

So your challenge, recommend me a car! list a car, and then the numbers you believe it fulfills from the above list! any for sale links, etc would also be appreciated :slight_smile:



Apart from mpg a subaru forester ticks all boxes.


That’s a good shout, i had forgotten about the Forester :+1:


Ditto on an Elgrand if you can find one in budget, I sold one to @chrisgibson1985 in January that woulda fit the bill… Apart from the fuel thirst


And a damn good one. Eddie is doing well :smiley:

Though MPG not so well :joy:


So glad you are getting on well together :grinning:
Was saying to @Pip the other day I was missing him lol


Definitely getting on well together, though he looks slightly different now… it’s all reversible though :see_no_evil:


My vote is for a Mazda 6. Underrated as a car in my opinion. My gen 1 and 3 tick all your boxes, especially as they come in diesel estates!


I’ve got a Gen2 2.2 diesel and apart from the usual shite mazda rear calipers i’ve not had any issues


It didn’t get better on the gen 3s. Mine had a recalls for seized rear calipers too


Thanks for the replies.

I’m actually quite taken with the Mazda6, they look to tick a lot of boxes. I’m heading to look at a couple of Gen 2 facelift 2.2 sports today. Any pointers?


Well out of the 4 I looked at, 3 in Mansfield, 2 had sold, 1 was a pre facelift and a bit rough with an MOT advisory sheet as long as your arm Inc the DPF light, oil leaks, etc so walked away! Then there was a ex-police car in Oldham, listed as amazing etc and that was also dog rough on appearance and inside so walked away from that one!! Very hard to find a low mileage(ish) MK2 facelift 2.2 sport! For lest than £5k


Have a look in the M6OC group. There’s usually a few for sale in there.


DPF light also acts as a service light as something else (cant remember) I dont think they suffer from any major issues. Theres alot of talk about stretched timing chains but any car thats chain driven ‘could’ have issues regardless of which badge is on the bonnet.

I paid just over £6k for my Gen2 facelift with 69k miles from a dealer, you may be better off looking for private sales?

The Mazda 6 Owners Club on facebook is full of knowledgable people, someone may have a car for sale on there?


Thanks for the pointers, I will take a look…

The blue one that’s pretty facelift with the DPF light on, it’s not on now but was an advisory on the MOT last year, I’ve read that the suffer quite bad with the DPF so this put me off straight away! I may have been too quick to judge! It has also had the timing chain done, the garage said it had stretched!! I did read the engines were better in the gen2 facelift which is another reason why I discounted this one! Was I wrong to?

MOT Snap shot from last year

Yes now looking at private, the one in Manchester was private but a none genuine seller or had no clue what excellent condition actually means!! I will go up to 5k for a gen2 facelift 2.2 sport with sub 100000 miles, I drive 25000 miles a year so to get high mileage now it would last a few years and I’m back car hunting (I hate buying daily cars!!) Maybe I’m looking for a a mythical creature that doesn’t exist!!

Thanks again


WOW after reading the posts and comments on the Facebook group I think I had better look at a different car!!! Never seen so many posts about problems!!!