ND RF Preview Day

I was invited to the MX5 ND RF Preview Day at EMG Motor Company in Cambridge along with the Eastern Region. They had a display of cars showing the various types. I was asked to be the ‘Modified’ category.

I got a chance to drive a 2.0 RF. Having only driven the NA’s that i own/owned,driving anything newer was going to be strange. Its incredibly comfy inside (stock interior,sadly not the recaro edition),it drives smooth,gear changes were tight and short and the steering is very responsive. Keyless entry and the BOSE system are nice features aswell as the sat nav monitor in the centre. Sadly i didn’t drive with the roof down,but a few people have reported back with wind issues with it down? Not too sure about that,so dont take that as gospel.

Overall,very very impressed. Sadly the other half won’t let me get one just yet (i even suggested getting rid of the Purple MX for it!) Guess i better start saving lol

Anyway,here are a selection of photos,the full album can be seen on my Flickr (you’ll see i’m abit bias when it came to taking photos :P) >> FLICKR ALBUM <<

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