MX5 Nc that tyre question!

Hey Guys and Girls ,I’m Going to need some new tyres soon , The mx5 I got off @bear has Nankang Ns-2r on . I don’t think i will be doing a track day this year so looking around for a good all round tyre . and i don’t want to lose the feel of the car either .

After searching the net for the last couple days I’ve seen a lot of people are going for Kumho Ps71 , If i had the budget i would go for Michelin PS4 but they are a lot dearer .

Can anyone recommend any others or had experience with theses tyre’s the sizes I’m running are 215/45/17 .
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I run rainsport 3 at the mo but superseded by rainsport 5’s now. Both are superb in wet but I’ve done a few Trackdays and they’re a little soft. I used to have firestones and might actually go back to them.

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