MX5 MK3 GCFab rollbar,seats and MOT compliant 4 point harness

Hi y’all
I have a 2008 mx5 mk3 2.0L. Can anyone advise on the following
1)Replacement of stock seats with bucket seats (maybe Corbeau off Bofi).
2)Installation of GCFab rollbar, actually looks straight forward with a few mods but any hints tips. I’d also have to find someway of reinstalling the two speakers behind the seats.
3)Main issue i guess is keeping it MOT compliant, i assume i’d need a compliant harness or could i fit an fia approved one and still pass MOT with the standard seat belt even tho running buckets?
4) Seat side airbags, will removal of seats give a warning light that could fail mot.


@Bear will probably be answer a lot of this for you…

With bucket seats and full harness your car will pass an mot (mine does) even if you change your steering wheel for a non air bagged one, as the car has been modified for track/ competition use it will pass an mot.

@Erik69 awesome, did you remove the old seat belts or leave them in , as i’ve been looking at the mot compliant harnesses.

As I have a bucket seat and have taken the original out the seat belt clip is removed as it is part of the seat. When I go full buckets on both sides I will remove the lot as the belts are still in situ at the moment