Mx5 mk3 bigger wheels/tyres

hi, i’m new to combustion punks forum so hopefully you won’t shoot me down. i’ve tried searching but can’t find if this has been asked previously.
I’m getting a 56plate mx5 mk3 so i can take it on track however its got 16inch wheels with 205/50/16 tyres. What size wheels & tyres could i fit to fill the wheel arches.
cheers in advance :+1:

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Welcome to the forum matey :smiley: Weve got a few MK3s on here, I’m sure @Bear and and @Frankenfive will be along in a minute to show pics of theirs with after market wheels and the sizes of them… until then…

The whole “wheel size” question has a lotta variables, inc ride height, and camber along with the wheel and tyre specs. I find this a good resource when I’m selecting wheels and tyres

there will be some limitations, especially if your main aim is to take it on track and want to get the best from it. Track cars biggest performance gains are low weight (both the car itself, and the wheels) and the grip you get from the tyres, so you may not have the full gamut of sizes available for you to choose from in the gripiest tyres / lightest wheels… but if it is performance you are after @bear works with Roddisons Motorsport, a company that has a long and successful heritage of racing the MK3 in the MAX5 series so he should be able to help quite a bit with the performane choices and give you a bit of a head start on combinations that definately provide performance improvements - yep the MAX5 series has tyre and wheel restrictions in place - but that doesn’t mean that at Roddisons they havn’t played with varios combinations in the off season

If you dont want to stretch the performance envelope too far and have more of an aesthetic finish in mind then you can drop your car to your desired height, measure the clearences you have to your wheel arch and throw your measurements and current wheel/tyre specs into the calculator I linked to and play with different setups and see how they alter your clearences :smiley:

This is mine

nice looking, what wheels and tyres are they, pleeeeease :innocent::innocent::innocent:

thats brill, i’ll have a look see, many thanks.

There advans 3 spoke 17inch. 8j on a 215 45 front 9j on a 225 45 rear can’t remember what et they are

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just been looking on goodwin website and tegiwa in the uk, they recommend these, that will fit but guess speedo will be out.
235/40/17 17x9 Enkei RPF1 et48
17x8 Silver Enkei PF01 50mm, 5x114 235/40/17

I prefer the look of the RPF1 if we are down to voting on aesthetics :smiley:

and from the data sheet on the enkei sight the Enkei RPF1 is lighter

nice to know, thx

me likes these, loads of money tho,

Genuine wheels cost a lot of money