MX5 / Miata Flash to pass mod

How to: ‘‘Flash to pass’’ mod

Please read this guide in its entirety before picking up any spanners. Skipping ahead or rushing could cause you problems further down the line.
This car in this guide is a MK1 Eunos Roadster

When does it need doing?
Many early roadsters don’t have the ability to ‘flash’ their headlights… Well, the lights actually do light but the motors don’t lift. They flash at the ground !
Here’s how to remedy this:

What do I need?
A cross head screwdriver and a Diode: Maplin part number QL87U, it’s a 1N5408 Rectifier Diode, they are 52 pence each.…ectifiers-46405 You have to scroll to the bottom for the correct part…

How do I do it?
Buy the large power Diode from Maplins and follow these instructions…

Remove the panel below and above the Ignition lock…
the two halves are clipped together as well as having three screws.

Locate the lighting (white) socket and plug at the base of the lighting stalk

Press the little ‘tab’ in to release the white connector and pull out into this position.

The Diode is DIRECTIONAL i.e. it must go in this way exactly (one end of the
diode will have a silver band or other mark around it) This is pushed firmly into the connector
with the large white/stripe wire.

The other (non-marked) end pushes into the connector with the large Red/White wire.
Note: The ‘legs’ have to be bent to shape to fit neatly into the connector block.
Push the plug back into it’s socket so it clicks into place and then flash the headlights…
The lights will now pop up and go down when the stalk is released.