MX5 bits for sale


Work in progress - updating and adding pics and prices, shout if you have any questions or offers

Eyelids for MK2 - Apparentlly quite rare, damage to 1 but easy fix -£70

MK2 Fuel rail and injectors - £50

MK2 1.8 Engine, out of my old MK2, lots of cleaning done, almost ready for paint if you wanted to tart it up - £100

MK2 inlet manifold

MK2 exhaust manifold and down pipe - £20

MK2 exhaust centre section

MK1 head - £20

MK3 standard shocks came off car at 49K milae- £50

Starter motor - £10

Another starter motor - £10

Standard MK3 alloys and tyres off 1.8 - £150

Standard MK1 Radiator - £10

Standard MK1 Bonnet - choice of black or red - selling 1 - £20


Am interested in the engine, need to move the car to the workspace this coming week, will be in a better position to confirm if it’s still around by then :slight_smile:

I know Michelle is also looking for MK2 rear lights.


Well it’s still here if you are in still wanting one, could probably drop it off to you when settled in new place if ya want?


What condition is the Mk1 radiator in?


Serviceable iirc, can get you some pics tomorrow if ya want?


Yeah. My current one still works, but is looking a little rough. Was considering getting a new one at some point, but saving money is always good.