Mod list game thingy

It seems to be very quiet on here the past few days, so fuck it , let’s play a game (if it’s cool with admin?). Everyone post their mod list up, longest list wins? 🤷 (If you’re naughty and haven’t declared mods, probably best not playing) IMG_20201027_200035_392|500x500
Exhaust System Changes - Cosmetic And Performance
Suspension - Uprated/Lowered/Stiffened Springs & Dampers
Air Filter
Induction Kit (Non-Turbo)
Wheels - Alloy
Side Skirts/Sills
Seats - Replacement
Harness bar
Uprated Stereo Systems
Interior Changes
Body Kit
Spoilers - Multiple
Non-standard Re-spray
Polybushed Torsen Limited Slip Differential
Short shifter kit
LED Lights and updated bulbs
Tidied and smoothed engine bay
Offset number plate bracket
Hardtop Roof
Rear over arches/fenders (fibreglass
Cut and tubbed rear arches (underneath over-fenders, metal)
Sun Strip
F1 style 3rd brake light under rear bumper
Uprated Speakers
Sports steering Wheel
Front Overfenders (+25mm)
Aftermarket rear lights
Chrome mirror caps

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Gosh, ok this could be interesting!

1991 Mk1 V Special MX5

Ratsback carbon front lip
Custom splitter / undertray / flat floor
Custom vented headlight cover
Garage Vary bonnet
Twin lo pro headlights
Skuzzle Motorsport TSIs
Ford Maverick screen wash jets
Fibreglass front wings
Enkei RP01 wheels
Atomic Lab heated front windscreen
Runabout rear view mirrors
Nopro vented quarterlight
Zoom Engineering hard top
Project M fibreglass ducktail bootlid
Runabout type 1 fuel lid
Axis Racing carbon number plate panel
Project M front & rear tow hooks

Engine / Running gear
Crapengineering Tubular front subframe with Mk2 rack mounts & geo
Full conversion to Mk2 running gear (rear subframe, wishbones, hubs, steering rack)
Maruha 4 pot front brakes
Goodridge braided brake hoses
Ohlins K one+ suspension
Jackson Racing arts
Adjustable drop links
Mk2 RS engine, wiring loom & ecu
Maxim Works 4-2-1 manifold
Stainless decat
Fujitsubo RM-01a exhaust
Superpro poly exhaust mounts
Mishimoto ally radiator custom painted black
Track Dog Racing slam panel
Mazda Protege cam cover
Garage 502 oil filler cap
Mazdaspeed plug leads
Mishimoto silicon hoses
Carbing 3 point strut brace
Spec 2 clutch
Lightened flywheel
6 speed gearbox
3.9 Torsen LSD
Superpro diff void spacers

Floor dropped on both sides
Nickson Motorsport Full cage
Zoom Engineering carbon interior mirror
Revlimiter gauges
Short shift kit
Mazdaspeed carbon gear knob
Carbon / Kevlar Corbeau seats
Bride seat rails
OMP Velocita Superleggera steering wheel
NRG short hub & quick release
Reverie fire extinguisher
Ralloy passenger foot rest
Project M custom dash & radio console delete
Project M carbon door cards
Nakamae leather door pulls

There’s probably some bits I’ve missed … waiting for Matt’s write up!!


The BROleno puts you all to shame

Tinted rear windows
Rear silencer delete
Sticker on driver’s side c pillar
Unknown multi spoke alloys
Partially de-badged boot

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NC import-

Alloy wheels


Seat lowering mod

Seatbelt guide delete and custom leather cover

Head unit

Speaker upgrade

Low profile sub woofer

Lowering springs and dampers

Oil catch can

Exhaust manifold catless

Custom exhaust Centre section

Remus adjustable valve back box

Lightweight flywheel

Ducktail spoiler

Car came with what now seems to be dodgy re-map

Performance air filter

Performance oil filter

Probably loads of other little tweets that I can’t remember.

Legacy 3.0 Spec B-

Custom rear mufflers

STI alloys

Ultimax brake upgrade

Driving and interior bulb upgrade



Meister R Coilovers
Work Emotion CR 18x8.5j 18x9.5j ET30
Nismo Upper Strut Brace

Altia Front Bumper
Nismo Indicator Lamps
Nismo Vinyl Stripes
Nismo style LED tail lights
Nismo style spoiler legs
Nismo Fuel Cap
Custom rear diffuser
Custom rear tow hook
Clear Side Repeaters

Carbon Engine/Fuse Covers
Stainless turbo back exhaust
Alloy Radiator
Painted intake pipes w/ Red Silicone Hoses
Greddy Profec OLED Boost Controller
Blitz FMIC
HKS Mushroom Airfilter
Earth Cable Kit
Carbing Cooling Panel
Nismo Oil Cap
Nismo Radiator Cap
Red dress up bolt kit

Nismo Speedo Cluster
Nismo Shift Knob
Recaro Sportser CS Seats w/ Bride Rails
Sparco flat bottom Steering Wheel
HKB boss
ETC Card Reader
Coin Holder
AEM Digital Gauges
Kenwood Multimedia (double din, speakers,subwoofer,dash cam)
Cube Speed Short Shifter


I feel like you’re definitely winning so far. Nice list by the way, some lovely and rare parts in there!

one build in progress at the moment… there isnt much that isnt being modified or swapped out , but that is still in progress so dont think it counts

my last big build :-1:

custom front splitter
Garage vary lip
Jass stealt side lights
Jass low profile headlights
Fast 5 Alloy rad
Fast 5 intercooler kit (modified)
650cc injectors
TD04HL turbo 14psi
Greendrifter homebrew manifold
electronic boost control
Megasquirt 3 and expansion card
Toyota Cops
HSD coilovers
Ultra racing strut brace
Ultra racing ARBs
Carbing Rear strutbrace
After market pedal box
Wilwood front Calipers
Sport rear brakes
OBP hydro handbrake
Carbing 6 point rollbar with door bars
6 point harnesses
Elise seats
aftermarket steering wheel
Dave M switches on windows, light flip and hazards
Carbon BGW
CB and massive aerial
RX7 Rear diffuser
tinted rear clusters
slightly smoothed engine bar
Tucked wiring in engine bay
Performance 5 chassis rails
stage 3 clutch
lightened fly wheel
0et 8j wheels (XXR 002)
Waspworks front wings
Waspworks rear overfenders
Waspworks vented headlight covers
custom exhaust

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Damn that looks cool! You still got it?

Thanks matey :slight_smile:
Nope :frowning: she left quite some time ago :frowning:
My laptop battery was dead last night when I was posting, will add on more of the specs and pics later.

If I ever get the new one built then the mod list on that is pretty big too… Might post up the parts list in a bit.
It’s still got a load of building work to go though :frowning:


Ok… so the new one… (will probably have to add stuff as i remember lol)

Much like @Vindi I have benefitted from most of my cars in the last decade being MX5s, so have amassed quite a pile of parts from different builds - I didnt go out and buy all this specifically for this car! some of the stuff ive had on 5 different projects!

Lots of fabrication and modification work, all rust removed including but not limited to:-
All rust cut out and new metal welded in (Last section of sill currently left to do)
Engine bay heavily smoothed out, including full custom firewall
for some reason that had full logic at the time, bootfloor cut out for carbon replacement
Replaced both chassis rails
Seat mounts removed for lower seating
Harness points welded in
All unneeded brackets cut out
new brackets added where required
Recessed hydro handbrake mount
silly hole for HVAC controls in tunnel - more on that later
Smoothed wiper mount
aerostyle fuel filler recess
smoothed aerial hole
Sill stand mounts

Stretch goals:-
Semi tube front end, replace wheel tubs on front

Fully stripped, no dsh etc
GCF rollbar
GCF door bars
Elise Seats
Motomech Hydro handbrake
teeny tiney steering wheel
10" android Tab head unit
10" Digital dials (AIM PDM)
Wink 5 panel rearview mirror
relocated switch gear
After market heating system routed through dash bar
Custom pedalbox and lower steering column mount
Alloy footrests from Motomech

Stretch goals
fashion up the standard handbrake and line lock to look like HOTAS throttle controls
CAE Shifter

Engine and drive train:-
Rotrex Super charger
uprated injectors
G19 Cops plate and R8 coils (when released)
Megasquirt3 and expansioncard
stage 3 cutch
lightened flywheel
6 speed gearbox
Kaaz 1.5 LSD

Electric water pump

Suspension and braking and bracing
Full destroy or die arm and knuckle set
All new bushings - il motorsport
uprated balljoints
uprated trackrod ends
Japan Racing 9j wheels -25et (Rear)
Japan Racing 8j wheels -10et (front)
Willwood front calipers
Sport rear calipers (x4 - the rear knuckles take seperate hydro calipers)
Tein Flex Z coilovers
Destroy or die locking eccentric bolts
carbing rear strutbrace
Ultraracing front strut brace
Ultraracing ARBs
Rear jacking and nudge bar
Skidnation butterfly brace
Skidnation Chassis Rails

Odyssey Extreme Battery
Full custom loom
AIM PDM32 and 10" screen
Mobokey remote lock and start system
all custom switchgear

Bodywork / styling
Waspworks Wide body kit
Waspworks Skirts
Waspworks rear panel
Jass stealth headlights
Jass stealth sidelights
MX5Modz wing mirrors
smoothed side repeaters
Bofi Motorsport bonnet vents

Stretch goals
Custom Waspworks front bumper - hybrid mk1 and mk2
Custom Waspworks rear diffuser
Custom Waspworks front splitter
Waspworks targa fastback roof

All finished of in Buzzweld EN Primer, Lizardskin sound deadening, Lizard skin heatprotection, and white Upol Raptor in a (hopefully) awesome battle damaged style… like this… yeah i really liked BSG


Probably more that I’ve forgotten, but, here we go

Mariner Blue

MK1 1.6 jap import

JASS performance stealth lights

OEM front and rear splitters

OEM front Fog Lights

Holset HX25

DaveFab T25 manifold

Tial 38mm external wastegate

2.5" custom down pipe

2.5” exhaust

2.5" intercooler

Rx8 yellow injectors

GM IAT sensor


Alloy radiator

Coolant reroute

Megasquirt 2 stand alone ECU

XTD stage 3 1.8 6 puck clutch

1.8 flywheel

AEM Wideband with Bosch sensor

Greddy Boost Gauge

Electronic boost controller solenoid

Greddy Profec Spec 2 Boost Controller

Toyota COP conversion

BOFI Racing oil pressure and oil temperature gauge

eBay digital water temperature gauge

MK2 dash

MK2 seats

MK2 mohair roof with glass rear window

TR Lane roll bar

Mk2.5 big brake kit

Braided brake lines all round

MIMS 15x7 wheels

Driftwork Wheel Bolts

Tein coilovers

Power flex bushes

Mk2 camber bolts


but what about Eddie? youve done quite a bit to him since you took him from that cruel previous owner that just used him as a workhorse <3

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Triggers Broom - the mods so far
Currently on the 5th engine, this one is from a mk2.5vvt with flat top manifold and violet injectors all run by an me221
Il motorsport radiator with evans coolant
Silicone hoses and an ARC magic chamber
Polybushed engine mounts
Il motorsport clutch
Il motorsport lightened flywheel
Random strut brace with home made brake stopper

Still to add-
BMW throttle bodies with extra injectors

A short gear stick console
Drivers bucket seat and Williams harness
Skidnation seat rails
Omp rally deep dish steering wheel
Skidnation voltage gauge
Short shift with extended shaft and very heavy auto jumble gear knob
Innovate Afr gauge (not wired in)

Fibre glass front wings
Waspworks rear over fenders
Rear spoiler of unknown type supplied by @Yetidragon
Rota grids 8x15 et0 all round (9x15et0 on the rear some times)
8x15 wintermediates added at the end off November normally
Delrin door bushes
Unknown hardtop badly painted and home made rain rails
Front o/a quarter cut and shut after accident damage
Led head lights
Smoked clear indicators
Led rain (brake) light

Still to do-
Waspworks fastback
Black Raptor paint job
Carbon skinning of some panels

Running gear
Il motorsport wishbone bushes all round
Miester S coil overs
Skidnation frame rails
Thicker anti roll bars
Adjustable anti roll bar links
Torsen Lsd
Stainless cat back exhaust
Wilwood front callipers
Standard rear callipers with M-tec brake discs
Braided hoses front and back

After all that it’s still the same car!!

I just wanted to add, this is not a ‘build’ this is an Evolution!!