Mk2 mx5 bits - free

I’m stripping my MK2 next weekend, most suspension drive train etc will be moving to my mk1 project,
the shell is being scrapped,
but that’s does leave some useful parts such as lights, doors, boot lid, bonnet , interior etc etc. Everything I’m not using will be going for scrap with the shell if no one wants it…

If you want anything then gimmie a shout to make sure no one else has baggsied it and you can collect for nowt

A pillar trim pls and what are the door cards like?

Door cards are part of a full set of Phoenix interior, part brown leather.
Which side pillar trim you needing?

Oo brown, exciting

Both A pillars, I realise the wording isn’t great lol. Need them to finish off the mk2 dash swap

Can sort them for you. Don’t suppose you have some mk1 ones we can swapsie?