Midnight Innovations

Hi There Guys/Gals!
Bet you’re guessing wth this post is about, well let me tell you about it then shall i!
First of all, My names Nick! I’ve being asked by Matt & Clare to throw this up there.

Midnight Innovations is my video blogging channel; that is slowly migrating into an actual blog website too.


What Do We Do?

This is a car blog that rose from the ashes of a passion for cars, but to be put simply We film! That’s exactly what we do! Anything related to the car scene, from following builds, to days out, to chit chat with other members of the car community! We even do product reviews, our latest one is a Tyre review of the infamous Maxxis Victra MAZ-3.

Do you cover meets and shop reviews?
Quite frankly, Yes we do. We have a few shops in the pipeline that we’re going to visit, review, and give them some form of coverage.

Who do you mean by we?

The aspect of we varies, it can often mean myself, people i’m with in a video, Or the upcoming Midnight Innovations crew.

So what are you doing here then?

We want to offer a well known blog to the car community, to work alongside people on public projects, and personal ones. We want to cover every aspect of it! We will be helping out Combustion Punks, as so have Combustion Punks have decided to help out Midnight Innovations.

What cars are part of Midnight Innovations?

My own two cars that get featured in videos are a 1996 Toyota Starlet Glanza V P-Spec; thats pulling 200bhp.
And a 1996 UK Spec Mazda Mx5 NA.
Products get reviewed on either of these cars.
One of our crew members Dom, also has an mx5, which you will see certain products reviewed on too!

Can i be part of Midnight Innovations?
Of-course you can! Hit me up anytime whether its for a feature, to be part of the crew, you name it we will help in some way.

How many biscuits can you eat in a minute?

I feel like ive got myself out there, hit me up if you have any further questions.
Thankyou for the welcome into Combustion Punks, And Welcome to Midnight Innovations.

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/midnightinnovations/

Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDOU4Qu26UyFT64rGWRqRbA

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