Merch Suggestions

Those of you with your fingers on the pulse will have noticed loads of developments around the place, and one of those is that the shop has gone live! we are gradually filling it with more 'Punks merch, and we are always eager to hear your suggestions for products to put in the shop :smiley: So shout your ideas up guys :smiley:

*Air freshners, Sunstrips and Lanyards all coming soon!

Can we post recent merch makings here too? Gotta show off my new skills somewhere :smirk:Uploading…

go for it :smile:

Stickers look good.

How difficult/expensive would it be to do get the punks logo on some beanie hats?


Trucker caps no one does them any more

Id go for a baseball cap :smiley:


Ok, here’s a brain-dump of all the good/bad/indifferent ideas for stuff that could come with punks logo. In no particular order, and some would probably be too expensive.

Camping stuff:

  • zippo (would need to be personalized, otherwise we’d all be nicking each others’)
  • baccy tins, with printed lids (waterproof tins for general stuff)
  • bottle opener
  • torch
  • camping mugs
  • bottle jackets - silicon (keeps your beer cold, without freezing your hand)
  • dry-sacks/compression sacks
  • logos + names (on fabric) to go onto the camping chairs
  • punks beer (I volunteer to test this)
  • toast stamp with the punks logo (also a cookie cutter would be quite nifty)


  • helmet bags
  • tool rolls/lightweight tool bags
  • pen knives/multi-tools

General Car stuff:

  • air fresheners (printed 1-side logo, 1-side car?)
  • carbon-fibre badges (decal on CF, then laquer on top)
  • punks car logo (same size and shape as the Mazda logo)
  • tow-hook toys/charms
  • pennant flags - small enough to go onto CB aerials
  • license plate surrounds


  • baseball/aviator jackets
  • sunglasses cases
  • mobile phone cases
  • wallets

Wow, that is quite a list Stu! Definately plenty of those we can look at throughout the year, shotgun on beer testing! Looking at doming / resin badges now we have a little workshop to play in, and air fresheners are being put through to order soon once @yetidragon has tweaked the artwork to suit… Need more warchest funds!!

What scent you going for? :slight_smile:

Yeah. It’s amazing how much random stuff I think about while drunk!

Resin/doming would be interesting. I was thinking that the new round punks logo looks a little bit like the mazda ‘M’ badge that you get on the mk2/mk3. If it was possible to make a raised badge that look similar, then it could be used as drop-in replacement.

A lot of it depends on cost. I imagine that some of these would be expensive to do, so just not worth it.

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Bacon and grass?


There were some samples @yetidragon has had all our visitors sniff at some point lol. The favourite is a secret… You’ll have to wait :wink:

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Waterproof coats!

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Umbrellas too afer being at Donington this weekend with hail and snow!!

Not quite a merch suggestion, but could help attracting people over to the merch tent… I’m currently sitting here in the tent at DH editing some photos taken on my phone. If we could get something like a cheap ipad to play them all on, on a stand of some design for people to look through… I think that would be pretty cool :slight_smile:

Also seen loads of people eyeing up the waspwork fenders on your mk2 @yetidragon, think we need to push a little harder once we have time, some business cards/ stickers/ maybe a little literature or something is needed :slight_smile: ##waspworks

Reckon we’d ought to jump on the JDM slaps bandwagon!!!



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@Eunos-G suggested sketchy calendars in another topic… Im running with it and suggesting we get to work on putting a Punks calendar together for 2017!

We will need photos… A competition with photo submissions (hopefully not all months will be mx5s :laughing:) 12, and a cover pic… maybe a collage of all entries?

We will need to find an awesome quality printer/ check out/ research companies… The mx5 OC calendar I have hanging up this year isnt the best quality…

We will need to add them to the shop!

Possibly do a few giveaways/ competitions with them too :smiley:

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…and badges!

September needs to be the previous years JAE fancy dress group shot and ideally (if they’re released in time the calendar should have car shows already marked on!

…just my 60p’s worth!


i still like my 'punks keyring pic, for something that hasnt got a car in it…

although taken on my phone so quality isn’t too high

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I still haven’t got a keyring :frowning: