Merch 2021 - The Plan

OK… so we are in the 3rd month of 2021 and I have been pathetic in getting stuff sorted :frowning: yep - the usual excuse of too much on at the day job and a massive back log list going on :frowning: I’m really sorry guys :frowning:

so… Merch… Im going to continue the made-in-house-short-production-run stuff, like the hoodies we all love, and there will be the welcome return of T-Shirts and of course many many stickers. added to that I am testing out a few things on the 3d Printed / molded side of things, But I am limited by the tools that I have in the things I can make… oh and time… not much time… Im sure you have all seen the state of my car… yeah, quite a bit to do.

But I want us to have shiney shiney things, so I am looking at the way that most other places do this sorta stuff - im really gonna have to outsource stuff that I cant make… so I have a list of things that I think will go down well… I have been looking for suppliers, and have started working on designs… and the stuff I hope we can get into the shop. we cannot afford to go out and buy minimum orders on these all at the same time :frowning: so the planned order of play at the moment is:-

Stuff we can already make - I just need to get them done and the shop back online:-

  1. Hoodies
  2. Tshirts
  3. Sun Strips
  4. Side stripes
  5. Hoodies
  6. TShirts
  7. Keyrings

And then the stuff to outsource:-

  1. Lanyard - really need to do these first cos I went and added them to the Patreon Page
  2. Caps
  3. Beanies
  4. Travel Mugs ( you know for at the shows when we get them :smiley: )
  5. Air freshners
  6. Badges
  7. Patches

We also have a few outstanding suggestions which I will go hunting for… but if you have any more suggestions, or you think I should change the order of avaialbility above then shout up :smiley:


You could do some combustionpunks plaques that folk could stick to their dashboard or parcel shelf etc? Possibly from some 3d printer type gizmo 🤷 might not work but just an idea

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i have you covered there…

Have since got 10 printed out in black and im testing different ways of finishing them up. @Will suggested making some molds out of them and then molding… not got to testing that yet… but soon.


Spent some more time yesterday looking through Lanyard options and a bit of time working on artwork today.

so far got this:-

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Normal mugs maybe?

Can’t have enough car related mugs.

I always put them on my pillar drill and end up knocking them off and breaking them, I need a steady supply!

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Hoodies are definitely my favourite thing so far. Love my current one, wouldn’t mind a new one if there are more colours/designs available.

And vinyls for the car would be awesome. Waaaayyy back at Japfest 2019 I was poking around the idea of getting a set of sparkly purple vinyls to go on my black Mk1. I’m just about now looking again into what I want to do with the exterior: whether to get her classy with a repaint, or keep her trashy with some vinyls :wink:

Lanyards would be cool for events. Not sure I’d get much use out of the other ideas, but that’s just my personal view. Already have too many hats/mugs/etc.

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I want a metal combustion punk pin , with the wings but I guess these would be hard to make :grin:

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that would indeed fit into the “outsource” category… but one that can be done :smiley:

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