Making a new Blog post

so you have got a blog… you wanna put sommit on it… what do ya do?

Blogs are mainly based 2 elements, the Post, and the Page.and most of what you will be wanting to do is covered by Posts (we’ll come back to pages in another post :smiley: )

going back in time to explain a bit, Blogs is short for “Web Logs” and much like a captains log, or a diary, it is arranged around a chronological timeline. you make a bunch of posts, and they appear on your blog in reverse order, much like a news feed, from newest to oldest. you can get it to reverse the order if you want to, so it reads more like a story… but usually latest news first works best :smiley:

enough of the boring back ground… how do ya do it?
Well i’m here to tell you it is actually quite easy when you get into the swing of it, much like adding a post in the forum, or updating your status on facebook :smiley:

So this is what the backend of your blog looks like when you are logged in…

see that menu on the left? and that bit where it says “posts”? thats where we will be playing :smiley: hover over “posts” and it will display the next sub menu, or you can click on it and it will expand the posts section.

as you can see, you now get a list of all the posts on your blog… ok this one is a bit light on entries cos it is the one we are building for these tutorials, but you get the idea :smiley: and on the left and at the top you get buttons for “add new” click that and you get the post editing page:-

You get quite a few options in here… like scheduling posts and stuff… but lets stick to the core stuff for this post…

So first, lets give it a title… usually sommit that describes what you are gonna be talking about, but its your blog… you wanna confuse people then knock yourself out :smiley:
After that there is the body of the post, all the stuff that will appear in the post itself.
so lets make an example… I gotta put all this stuff here into a post, so lets go with that :smiley: gimmie a sec to cheat and do a copy and paste :wink:

And here we go :smiley:

( I stripped the images out, cos we will cover them in another guide -How to add pics to your blog)

so now we have done that, lets turn our attention to the right hand side, and look at what we have got so far… hit that “preview” button :smiley:

ooooo you just did a bloggy thing… but WTF is that big black bit at the top? ah… well thats the bit for the “featured Image” which we will come back to in the adding images post

Happy with what you have done? go back to the editing screen and hit publish: and then your post will be live on internet for all to see :smiley:

How does that look on your main blog page? lets have a look :smiley:

so on the main page of the blog you can see the posts you have made with links to them, along with a short rendition of the text within… grey space off to the left? again, thats what the featured image is for :smiley: so we’ll get that sorted out in the next guide :smiley:

go share it to all your friends and bask in glory :smiley:

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Can’t wait!!! :grinning:

there you go matey :smiley: updated it with some stuff :smiley:

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Can I haz blog? For my rebuild since I bought the car 3 years ago?


of course matey :smiley: drop us a PM with what you want it calling and I’ll sort it out for you :smiley: