Lowering MX5 Mk3

Thinking about lowering my MX5 … just by 30 mm … have seen some cars lowered by 30 mm at the front and 25mm at the back … is there a handling difference by lowering both front and back by 30 mm or going for 30 mm front and 25mm at the back.

It handles much better, I’d talk to Franken5 (Niko) or Conor Wrench about it, they’ve both done the same sort of things to their mk3s.

@Frankenfive has Tein Flex Z on his
@Bear was running lowering springs on OEM Bilstein shocks at one point - think he may have fitted GAZ now tho

@Bear still has the same set up. He hasn’t changed them to Gaz. @Poshbird I’d go coilovers over lowering springs. You can get more set up opinions and set the car up for your needs.

@Poshbird my MK3 came with the lowering springs but I will be going for coilovers at some point it depends what you want out of the car if it’s just for looks lowering springs are a fairly cheap options if your more for driving coilovers are the better option, personally I will be going for a set of meister r coilovers

It was quit breathtaking when I looked at the price … but I think I will go with the Meister Coilovers you suggested … 30/25 mm I liked the look of that.

Yeah that’s probably the best move, if you are going down that route of coilovers I’d strongly suggest getting them corner weighted and aligned all in one go, I work at roddisons in Sheffield and we can provide a drive in, drive out service for you

I’ve heard of Roddisons … my project for next year (need to cost and save up) is to change the manifold for a BBR 4-1 fully catted manifold, air induction kit and re map. I’ve had a Scorpion exhaust fitted so need to be aware of the cat issue. Would you be able to give me a rough cost … having it lowered next month