Limited Edition JAE Hoodies for 2018

So we usually issue a limited edition hoodie for JAE, and I am working on this years design… the issue? errr… I’m cutting it a bit finer than usual… IE we need to get the numbers and payment sorted tonight so we can place the order tomorrow to get everything delivered for Tuesday (damn bank holiday)

The will be printed on those lovely warming hoodies we have all grown to love so much, either overhead or zip up stylie :smiley:

Hoodies are black, print colours available in Grey, White, yellow, blue, Pink and white…

Shout up if you want in, Collection from the stand at JAE, only peeps with a standpass attending JAE are allowed, cos limited edition innit!

Overhead or Zipped £40
Name on front +£3.50
Sherpa (warmer lining) +£4
Name and Sherpa +£6

Payment would be to

Need to know Style (Overhead/Zipped/Sherpa) Size (S/M/L/XL/XXL) and colour of print (Grey/White/yellow/ blue/Pink/white)


  1. Yetidragon Sherpa XL Grey

Ill take an overhead medium please with grey print :kissing_heart:

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added in the artwork…

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Am i alright to send monies tomorrow cause thats when i get paid :see_no_evil::grin:

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yeah matey, thats ok :smiley:

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1x M, over head, white with name please (paid via transfer)

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I’ll take an XL zip up sherpa with white print please :slight_smile:

I’ll send payment over once I know what Sue wants.

Medium zip up please :blush: not bothered which colour, had grey last year and blue the year before so anything else will be fine thanks x

Now paid :ok_hand:

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Zipped please , lge , I’ll pay ASAP

Printing started…


Please can anyone with outstanding payments please send them over? xx

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