Lanyards... what you reckon?

going to get some lanyards made up… but what colours?..

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3 or 4 would be cool. Shame that there’s no purple ones though :frowning:

7 with a black border rather than white.

3 and 5 works for me too.

Number 10 would suit my application :slight_smile: Top work as ever Matt .
I do however think there should be 14 options , including the Red band width of color .

I like 2 and 10, any way of putting it in a poll?


did a facebook poll, that should kinda work :smile:

Lanyard Poll on Facebook

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just made it into a poll :stuck_out_tongue:


I have cast my vote. Although any will be cool

Not voting. No blue and orange.


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I like 3

@Yetidragon will be submitting the artwork to the production company at some point in the coming week so that they (hopefully) arrive in time for Japfest… So… If you havent already cast a vote, do so now! Hoping to split the order into the top two designs but could possibly be just the top voted one this time round, so vote wisely! :smile:

currently in lead is #5 closely followed by #2 :checkered_flag:


Ill defo have a one off you guys :smiley: