Japshow Santa Pod Raceway July 2016

“It doesn’t matter whether you drive a Nissan Micra or a race spec Evo, ride a GSXR or a Yamaha R1. All Japanese cars and bikes are welcome at Jap show. No matter what you like about the scene there is something for everyone with the relaxed pace of the Show Paddock, club displays and trade area. For those that like the louder side of life we have a variety of attractions that will not disappoint with the country’s quickest Japanese cars competing in the Jap & FWD Drag Series, public Run What Ya Brung open to everyone including bikes, Show & Shine, Drifting, Jet Car, Stunt Displays, Handling Track and more!”

Sounds like one to try doesn’t it :smiley:

This will be the first year 'Punks will be having a stand at Japshow, complete with camping :smiley: so the usual fun of a full weekend show :smiley: Beer, Banter, with added bonus of drag racing to take part in or watch and the handling short circuit. could be great :smiley:

so… tickets will be in the shop :http://combustionpunks.co.uk/event/punks-go-to-usc/, and they are limited! so get in quick for a great weekend of car punking goodness :smiley:


Are Sunday tickets available for the club?

I think @Yetidragon was booking weekend tickets to keep it simple :smile:

Like Clare said, initially just set up weekend tickets to keep it simple :smiley: will be adding single day tickets soon.

Any news on stand tickets for the sunday only yet?

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How come the event on Facebook got cancelled?

If anyone is going,come say hi i’ll be on the Fitment Junkies club stand

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Do I get a sticker for this even if I’m not on the club stand? ;p

Tickets had been available via the shop since around the end of January, however, come the ticket sale closing date, only 1 person had made a purchase. Shame really! But couldn’t have a 3 car stand!

Lols if you were to write a blog article about it with some photos, I know you’d get a special badge for that… But as the club’s not there, no, of course you can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. I assumed at this thread was here, you were going.

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we were gonna be going, but not enough people wanted to go :frowning: so we had to pull the stand

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I think its a good idea to leave the thread so people can understand why it was cancelled and maybe take something away from the reasoning for future events… I think a title upgrade is due though


If anyone has any pictures from the day, please post up here so we can see what we’re missing! :slight_smile:

Will do!

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