Japshow Finale at Santa pod

I’m gigging on the Saturday night, so I’m gonna drive down straight after gig and sleep in tesco car park :joy:

thought about it a little lol:-

Stand needs to be set up by 10am. (gates open at 8am)

Meeting point to hand out tickets and stand passes:-

Watford Gap services - between Jnc 17 and 16 on M1 Southbound @ 8:15 , leaving at 8:30 to arrive at Santa Pod Approx 9:30 AM - so thats the main plan… Haul your ass to Watford Gap services in time to get a coffee, empty your bladder and get you pass to set off at 8:30 :clock830:

now getting there:- I think there will be 2 main convoys -

RPG Convoy

I’m guessing will be leaving around 7:15 … @Pip will probably be organising this, so I will let him fill in the details :smiley:

Sheffield convoy

Meeting at Tibshelf services (just south of JNC 29 M1) @ 06:30 am leaving at 06:45am

all good?

Let us know if / when you are meeting up so we can get off when everyone is there :smiley:



Thinking I’ll stop for a nap at Tibshelf on my way down and just convoy with you guys

Cant make it sunday any one want my ticket?

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I’ll have it dude?

Yeah mate sound send the money to combustion punks and I’m sure they’ll send mine back just put it in the description?

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Unfortunately I am going to have to work Sunday. So if anyone wants to go feel free to take my space.

Sorry you cannot make it matey :frowning: refund sent over.

Well, I’m at Tibshelf now :joy:

So am I :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m parked in the middle row, Silver elgrand, I’m presuming you just popping past me and woke me up :joy:@coldfinger

Probably Gimmie 2 secs I’ll move

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first casualty

Well… despite the weather … I had a bloody good time… and there was even a semblance of me being organised :laughing: wonder If that will carry over to Trax this coming weekend?

Thankyou to all of you who came along and represented :smiley:
and a big shoutout to @chrisgibson1985 who travelled the furthest, on the least sleep, like a couple of hours in the back of the Elgrand at the services… I think we need to implement something alongthese lines for each event…

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A pleasure! Can’t wait for next year’s events now! Mixxer is going for open heart surgery in the next couple of weeks or so too