Japfest2 2018 Saturday midlands convoy


Convoy details for…
Show… Japfest Donnington
Date… Saturday 30th June 2018.
Departure point… Reddicap Performance Garage, Sutton Coldfiled, B761NY
Departure time… 6am
Arrival time… e.t.a 7am

Hi guys, as usual will be running a convoy from RPG for anyone in the Midlands area wishing to travel up to Donnington on the Saturday morning. We are going up the a38 as have a member with us on provisional and one with a black box.
Any and all welcome to join at RPG or along route. Cheers.

Japfest Donington and Trax Donington
United MX5 Takeover Stand Japfest Donington June 30th

Awesome turn out 13 cars in convoy :grin: