Japfest Donington and Trax Donington


Is there only 6 cars on the punk stand? Says I’m car 3/6 on the pass ,take it everyone’s gone to the mx5 takeover stand are we sandwiched in between? As I won’t be there till after 8?


A few shots from the punks stand today


Massive massive thanks to everyone who made it to this weekends pairing of shows.
It has been a long hot weekend , and every pulled together to get us through it, from convoys, to setting up camp, laying out the stands, shopping runs, and cooking for every one. It couldn’t go as smoothly without every one pulling together… You guys are awesome xx


Badge Amnesty from the Japfest / Trax weekend :smiley: you earn a badge? then shout up so I can get them awarded on the forum :smiley:

We are looking at the Convoy, Hunter Gatherer, Home maker, home breaker kinda ones :smiley: so if you organised a convoy with more than 5 cars, Helped set up the stand, or the campsite etc, went shopping, that kinda thing, shout up so I can get stuff awarded… badge list is here:-



What about a badge for missing the motorway junction when leading a convoy :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hahahahaha if we did a “got convoy lost” badge it would probably be most awarded badge on forum :slight_smile:


Think I need a Japfest badge and an camping badge as well pal!


Sorted , japfest one should turn up overnight :slight_smile: