Japfest Donington and Trax Donington


booked for both days :grin:


And after all the shouting and sharing about the deadline… they go and extend it by a week…

#New Stand Pass deadline Monday 11th at midday :smiley:


Morning all :slight_smile:



Japfest with MX5 TAKEOVER (for MX5s only)
Stand name: MX5 TAKEOVER. Password: MX5FTW2018

JAPFEST and TRAX with Combustionpunks
Stand name Combustionpunks
Password punkinggoodness


1 hour to go!!!


It’s coming up fast! The weekend that is Japfest and Trax Donington :slight_smile:

I know we will be all over the place with arrival times, with some people working late, some having half days etc. so convoys won’t be as busy as usual, and there will probably be more small groups arriving rather than long processions

Friday Daytime Convoy From Sheffield Thread for anyone not slaving away at work:-

@Pip is organising Saturday morning midlands convoy

More coming soon :smiley: start a thread for a convoy if you wanna :smiley:


has anyone had there tickets come through email yet? still waiting on mine


not got mine yet matey


TICKETS :face_with_monocle:

Will be emailed out ANY TIME this week for Japfest and TRAX

They are emailed to the address you entered when booking. (Find your confirmation email for peace of mind.)

They come direct from the venue and organisers, Kelsey Media.

Sit tight, no one has received their tickets yet. This is not unusual, happens every year. #DontStressIt

Will post up when I receive the tickets I have personally ordered. But you should start to see other people posting about theirs as they arrive via email :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Just got my tickets! Anyone else?


Yup, got mine


I have my tickets…

Bought a combo, no mention of Trax on any of it…

edit… found a mail from a couple of weeks back saying Kelsey will send the trax pass seperately. This does not fill me with joy…


Also (sorry)

What are the trax arrangements, it’s looking like I may not be able to make saturday :frowning:


Speaking with other club admin, we are not the only ones with endless Kelsey issues, but that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s been to a couple of their events… :sweat_smile:

In other news…

I have at the moment, 2 MX5 ONLY stand passes which can have their registration numbers changed (by you) and accompany any entry pass for Saturday. This is only for the MX5 TAKEOVER STAND…

Please tell your friends! Click the picture for the full image x


Tickets printed!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


They’re cutting it fine, still no trax tickets and still no reply about my stand pass not having car reg on it…


Oh shit, the pass should have a reg?!


My stand pass has no reg either :thinking:, as regarding people who brought the combo ticket the email says we can use the same ticket for japfest and for trax the n,ext day so make sure you don’t throw them away haha does anyone have a pic of the site map so I can see where we are :blush:


Have asked for a site Map, not received one yet :flushed:

Fill in your reg with pen guys. They shouldn’t be blank but apparently there have been quite a few errors.

Not sure what to expect next tbh, but everything can be straightened out on the day, no one panic x


yeah, like @JDM_Clare said, just fill in you reg, they always have spare blank ones for on the day that they fill the reg in on so shouldn’t be a problem at all :slight_smile:


Found this on the japfest website