Japfest Donington and Trax Donington


Hey Everybody :slight_smile:

So we have details for the bookings for Japfest and Trax Donington this year, BOOKING PORTAL NOW WORKING!!!

Epic weekend of car shows, Sat and Sunday 30th June / 1st July
Can do just one, or both
Camping available on the Friday and Saturday nights
Booking Link http://www.japfest.co.uk/club-tickets-0
Password punkinggoodness (for anyone using mobiles, watch for capitol letters)

Remember, there is also the United MX5 Take over stand at Japfest for anyone wanting to put their MX5 on the MX5 only stand. Any other cars, or any MX5s that wanna be on the Punks stand then awesome :smiley:

I’ll drag all the Gazebos, flags and BBQ down on the Friday so we should be sorted for keeping warm dry and fed from the Friday right through :smiley:

Prepping for 2018 - Show options
United MX5 Takeover Stand Japfest Donington June 30th

Any thoughts on best way to buy tickets if we are on mx5takeover for the sat and punks for the sun?


Yeah I was thinking about this on the drive into work this morning, I think I’ve got it sorted, will be doing some testing tonight.


Ok I’ll hold off on buying tickets for abit lol


Any news Yeti? :slight_smile: Am off for 2 weeks after this Friday, moving house etc but can find time for a coffee if there are some things you’d like to work out regarding the MX5 Takeover display at Japfest :slight_smile:


chased them 3 times for fixing the admin panel on the combustionpunks account now, so far one reply that messed up the silverstone log in and no further replies… jokers. chased again by emailm will be calling them today if I get finished at work soon enough


I’m dealing with similar incompetences from them. But. We know what they’re like lol.

Would still be good to hear your plans regarding the two stands at some point. I am taking alot of questions I don’t yet have answers for :sweat_smile:

Did you know, you can change your own Group/ stand name from the Japfest Admin page? :wink: Might solve one of your many issues :blush:


Problem is the admin panel is broken… Cannot change anything, group name, passwords, admin passwords, none of it works, tried on 4 different computers on 3 different internet connections and 3 different browsers lol.

Wasnt an earth shattering idea, and I’m not sure if it would work anyway lol. but can’t even test it while everything is messed up


I’ve got tickets for this, camping too.
Won’t be able to make Silverstone though :cry:


Booking details now sorted!!! get ordering tickets guys :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Ordered mine for the Saturday (MX5 take over stand) a few weeks ago, so will see you there if I don’t see you anywhere before!!!


Does anyone know it you can add Trax and weekend camping to an already purchased Saturday ticket???


If you have bought for the MX5 Takeover stand for the Saturday, then you are best off (I think) ordering Trax and camping on the links in the OP of this thread for the Punks stand, cos I dont believe that the MX5 Takeoverstand is going to be on at Trax.


Everyone got their tickets now? Not long to go till sales close!!!


I bought a combo ticket using the takeover password. Not sure if that means I’m on a stand for Sunday though?


I’d honestly not worry Tim. We will sort it out on the weekend, everything is resolvable and they’ve not exactly made it easy or replied to our emails. So don’t stress it, we will sort it!


Tickets booked for my 2 cars, suppose I best build them lmao


yeah @MonkeySpanker I think there are a few in the same position, , but like @JDM_Clare said, they aint to great at replying to emails.
I don’t think we will be centrally able to alter stuff, It may be possible to give them a call and change your booking to the take over on hte saturday and 'Punks on the Sunday tho?


Booked for the whole weekend :slightly_smiling_face: See you there!


Couple more booked for the sunday :grin: