Japfest 2015 Bookings :D

So… Japfest 2015 has been announced :smiley: and we are gonna have a stand there :smiley:
Want to cheat and avoid reading the whole of this post? at least read these IMPORTANT DETAILS:-
(I cannot be held accountable for any sarcasm that comes from me due to someone asking any of these details)

Name of Show:- Japfest 2015
Date of Show:- 16th May
Venue of Show :- Castle Coombe Race track
Price of Show (for members on stand):- £30 per car (upto 4 people in car) this price is for car entry, upto 4 people in the car, admin fees, postage, and WARCHEST Warchest will be covering getting the Gazebos and flags etc there (They ain’t gonna fit in a MX5… I know… I’ve tried… it was laughable… ) and moar gear for the shows… go check the warchest thread for details.
Closing Date for Application and Payment:- Midnight 7th March 2015
Official Show Website:- http://www.japfest.co.uk
'Nutz Hotels of Choice:- Chippenham Premier Inn closest. But pricey. Or http://www.travelodg…l?stop_mobi=yes which is a lot cheaper. mykex5a longer drive in the morning
If there is enough interest, we will book a Nutz / Punks track session. this will be a MINIMUM of £35 as the sessions are £700, max of 20 cars. less than 20 cars = more per car.

Booking and Payment:-
To book your spot, add your name in this thread, PM Yetidragon with your details (List below) and send monies via paypal gift to paypal@combustionpunks.co.uk
Details you need to send in PM:-
Forum Name
Real Name
Paypal Addy Payment coming from
Address to post to

Tickets are usually sent in a big bundle to me the week before the show, I then stuff a load of envelopes as quickly as possible and send them out to you guys, expect them the week before the show :smiley:

So… still reading? good :smiley: … here comes the longer version :smiley:

For anyone who doesn’t know, Japfest is HUGE, Marketed as Europe’s biggest Japanese car show, it is hosted at Castle Coombe Race track. There is plenty to see and do at the show, there is always a MASSIVE amount of club stands to see, covering large surrounding areas. I think the venue is great, with the club stands in the grassy areas around the paddock and peripheral of the track, rather than being in the nearest carpark, it really feels like the club stands are a large part of the show.

Changes from previous years:-
Japfest is now under new Management, Future publishing are out… Kelsey Publishing are in. There has been quite a bit of nervousness around and about re this change… but if we wanna go, then we gotta deal with it.
Initial Price of ticket (before warchest and Admin) has increased, hence the increase in price.
In previous years we were able to send off a booking form early on with the majority of our numbers on there, then as the deadline approached, send in further booking forms to cover extra late comers etc. not this year!
This year they are only allowing 1 booking per club, so we need to get super organised and get all our numbers in and finalised. Anyone wanting to come after this date will have to hope people drop out and sell-on their pass.

Members confirmed coming and payed up:-

  1. @yetidragon PAID :moneybag:
  • @Mykex5 PAID :moneybag:
  • @Elly PAID :moneybag:
  • @MattH PAID :moneybag:
  • @UniformJamie Paying Cash
  • @stuartb PAID :moneybag:
  • @titch PAID :moneybag:
  • @Spanner224 Paying Cash
  • @T3LLIOTT PAID :moneybag:
  • @EdCase PAID :moneybag:
  • @roadster1980 PAID :moneybag:
  • @Harry_Archer95 PAID :moneybag:
  • @Emily Paying Cash
  • @painterdave Paying Cash
  • @TheSteep PAID :moneybag:
  • @TheSteeps mate PAID :moneybag:
  • @Jed PAID :moneybag:
  • @Jed mate PAID :moneybag:
  • @ADeathFromADove PAID :moneybag:
  • @ADeathFromADove better half PAID :moneybag:
  • @ADeathFromADove Lazy mate who can't be bothered to sign up to the forum PAID :moneybag:
  • @marcains PAID :moneybag:
  • @s1l3nt86 PAID :moneybag:
  • @CSmithyPx PAID :moneybag:
  • @CSmithyPx Mate (Simon Bailey) PAID :moneybag:
  • @Richard_Tickner PAID :moneybag:
  • all by myself so it seems :frowning:

    1. MykeX5 :smiley:

    Went with nutz last year so will come with you guys this year.

    1. MykeX5
    2. Elly
    3. MattH (it wont let him log in)
    1. MykeX5
    2. Elly
    3. MattH (it wont let him log in)
    4. Uniform Jamie

    I’m up for this.

    I’ll be there, of course.

    1. MykeX5
    2. Elly
    3. MattH (it wont let him log in)
    4. Uniform Jamie
    5. stuartb
    6. titch
    7. linkheroz (funds dependent after clutch fix)

    I’m obviously in!!

    I’m in! :smile::+1:

    @Elly Matts prob using the log in for the old forum, nothing has been moved across so he just needs to register :smiley:

    Numbers building quick :smiley: get the word out guys :smiley:

    I’m trying to get my mate to man up and get on the forum. He has a Suzuki Swift Sport. Will either be in my car or his (if he gets signed up)!

    Can I drop into ESP sometime and give you the ££ there?

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    Aha! Yes this was the case. All sorted now :slight_smile:

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    @T3LLIOTT Can do matey :smile:
    Still need to sort a design for you to quote on for keyrings :slight_smile: sent the elgrandOC to you the other day :slight_smile:

    Payment and PM sent.

    That’s what I’ll do then mate. Will probably be next week if that’s cool? And I meant either we’ll both go on the stand with both cars, or he’ll come in mine.

    Yeah I’ll sort you (well the forum haha) out. Get scribbling some designs down! :stuck_out_tongue:

    Yeah thanks for that, just finished the artwork for it! :smile:

    Working on that today :smiley:

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    OP updated :smiley:

    We all going to meet and convey down? :smile:

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    I’m only a maybe at the mo, need to see what funds are like post clutch replacement.

    (May have to be a March payment!)

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