Jap indoor performance show 2018


Last year was a great show with some incredible cars on offer in the huge show and shine arena, so this year we have booked an Indoor 10 car club stand, for all those that aren’t at retro rides or travelling over seas it is set to be another great day with the best of the best of highly modified jap show cars.

More details to on the main event page…

Club stand tickets will only be available in combustion punks shop so keep posted and be quick only 10 spots available :grin:


To keep things simple me and the boss @Yetidragon have decided to do the tickets via PayPal. So tickets are available now to purchase by sending to the punks paypal which is…


Tickets are £18 per car.
Let’s get a list going of who is coming, put paid next to your name once payment sent cheers.

  1. @Pip


@Mark_Vader @Kimbo @Notdanwhite @Lee_Jones @saradowley @turby @Westlake-Mazduh


Notdanwhite :slight_smile: (PAID)


110% up for this! When do you need the money for tickets by?


Tickets are payable via PayPal to Matt, link in op will double check deadline but think it’s end of this month.


Awesome! Put me down for a spot! Is it £18 a ticket for everyone in the car or just for the car and driver?


For car and driver, passenger can buy tickets on the gate

  1. @Pip
  2. @Notdanwhite
  3. @jack_bland


Got a friend that wants to come too but he needs to join the forum :see_no_evil:


I will come, I can send the paypal money asap. Although my paypal is a different email than the forums email :slight_smile:


Anyone that wishes to join, just add your name on the list and put paid next to it once payment has been sent to @Yetidragon cheers

  1. @Pip
  2. @Notdanwhite
  3. @jack_bland
  4. @ducksbeballin


I’ll have a space, please :slightly_smiling_face:

Prepping for 2018 - Show options
  1. @Pip (paid)
  2. @Notdanwhite
  3. @jack_bland
  4. @ducksbeballin
  5. @Westlake-Mazduh


I’d like to stick my name down too please @mx5mods


Deadline fast approaching for this event


Hopefully I can get the time off work and then I’ll put my name down!


Time off work confirmed! Stick my name down please :slight_smile: will paypal asap