JAE - HKS IKO Competitions


So. There’s obviously a badge for JAE itself, like there is a badge for every show 'Punks attend… (if you have badges missing, poke the dragon :grin::rofl:)

But there are no badges for the HKS sponsored IKO Events… (these are club vs club events that take place across the whole weekend at JAE…)

Some of the challenges are pretty tough going… @ScORTED will tell you the Nandos Hot Wings challenge is far from just free chicken… and Im pretty sure me and @Yetidragon deserve more than just a badge for the dirty Japanese Food Eating Competition we were cornered into last year…

We’re still taking on team players for this year’s IKO Events… link here:


But this thread isn’t about how Mega Super Awesome JAE and all of its attractions are.

This thread is for voting (we need 10 minimum) in a badge for entering the IKO competitions with/ for/ in the honour of Combustionpunks.

Keeping it simple:

one colour badge for entering
shiny/ glitter/ gold badge for winning and event

  • YES! IKO entries deserve honour with badges
  • NO! No recognition should be given

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Voting closed… Cus I’m obviously in need of a new set of prescription specs :sunglasses::joy:

JAE Japanese Auto Extravaganza Aug 31st - Sept 3rd 2017
JAE '17 IKO Entires

no need… they are already in

we were wondering if the food challange should have extra special goodness tho…


I did search and couldn’t find a badge… seems it’s not just a map I struggle to use :joy:


Nah, just I haven’t actually made them yet :slight_smile: but they will be done :slight_smile:


That makes sense! So they’re happening and don’t require being voted in. Winning :smile: