JAE Fancy dress!

So people keep asking me what the theme for the fancy dress is this year…
Been thinking about it, and me and @Emily had a bit of a brainstorming yesterday… and we think we’ve come up with an AWESOME idea… that ties up the Jap theme, and the continuing theme of the 'Punks / Nuts rivalry that we are trying to imbue the stand with this year…

so this years theme is gonna be:-


'Punks are the Samurai
'Nutz are the Ninja
(not a strict divide, if you prefer doing Ninja then go for it :smiley: , likewise, if there is another Japanese warrior caste you wanna go for, or Geisha or sommit then crack on :stuck_out_tongue: ))

there is a month to go… so lets get our Samurai (or ninja) on :smiley:

(Image obviously not my artwork! taken from http://samburley.deviantart.com/art/Samurai-vs-Demon-ninja-294030217 )


Hell yeah!! This is awesome :grin:

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where the hell, in the middle of the great british (may i add very conservative) countryside, am i supposed to find a majestic, ancient japanese warriors armour? :joy:

the internet

you’re welcome

Ninjin vs Samurai???

Domo Arigato Yeti San & Emily chan!!!

…guess I’m sorted then!

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@Spanner224 found some awesome examples of cardboard Samurai armour online :smiley:google images are your friend :smiley:
or can do “Casual samurai” like in pic in OP, some baggy pajamas and a sword and a belt :smiley:

Ebay has a fine range of Bokken / wooden swords

could even do a new take on a Samurai, MODERN PUNK SAMURAI!

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Obviously this is the best fancy dress idea to date :wink: I cant wait. Ive got my sewing pattern, just need to get stitching and ordering my swords!

Hope the rest of you are all sorted. Dont forget folks will you…xx