JAE 2018 Fancy Dress.... Voting inside :D


So work and life has been getting in the way a little this year… so I havn’t been as on the ball as I usually / should be … But its ok, cos @Bambi_Meg has been bending my ear bless her :heart:

So… fancydress…

Last year we were very adventurous with the theme… but this year we don’t have as much time, but Megan has thrown an extensive list of possible options at me… and then I did my dictator thing of reducing it to 2 options for us to vote on…

So this year the 2 options are… (drum roll please)

Pimps and Hookers
Jocks and cheerleaders.

I have long wanted to get us a group buy of Icehockey / American football style tops in full 'Punks colours… so if that is the winner I’ll sort out ordering sommit awesome for anyone wanting one (I’m sure that this will be subject to some minimum orders though) I have also been looking for some where that will do full printed leggings too… so that might be in the realms of possible too :smiley:
If Pimps and hookers win I’m not so sure what I could do as central merch… possibly punks novelty condoms ? I dunno… I’ll work on that one :smiley:

So what do we wanna do?

  • Pimps and Hookers
  • Jocks and cheerleaders

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Punks do JAE 2018

Do we have enough potential hookers or cheerleaders?

Maybe we should take a page out of yours and Dave’s book from Jae 2012 and switch things around to make it interesting :rofl:


yeah… I had the same thought hahahaha but I ain’t squeezing into that dress again…


Off topic I know, and I’m sorry, but did all the information promised by the organizers as to why there’s no Thursday night/other changes that caused a shit storm on Facebook ever come through? IIRC there was a postpone reps meet and I’ve not heard any more since!


yeah… no reps meet that I ever found out about,
Thursday… we can get 4 people in to set stuff up… so taking into account the amount of gear we usually take, thats gonna be 4 really busy people lol


I really hope this year isn’t as disorganised as last with IKO stuff etc.,

But anyway… either of the choices… I’m totally getting @corders into a skirt.


Clean-shaven, or hairy?


I’m really liking the idea of a long-sleeved hockey top. Would be very useful for keeping cool (and avoiding sunburn) in the summer while driving.


Great choices :grin::joy: Damn Right we need guys in skirts :rofl: If you’ve already got too much on @Yetidragon, sourcing, designing, getting group orders and making the Football/ Hockey tops and Leggings (we have 12 weeks :slight_smile: ) sounds like an extreme job in its own to take on :scream: No one wants you asleep at 7pm at JAE cause you’ve worked yourself through the night! (I WILL draw on you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) Though I love the casual plug for new merch, about time! :heart_eyes:




I second this! @painterdave should definitely be dressed as a hooker or cheerleader whichever wins hahaha!! nothing funnier in my opinion! hes in the gym too now so will look spot on


Definitely recommend people watching “blue mountain state” on Netflix if they want educating on how to be a jock