JAE 2017 fancy dress suggestions


I’m glad people are coming forth with input, I agree that the new teams and new additions and the fact that people don’t know what they’re gonna be doing in 2 weeks let alone 8 months kinda renders the cut off date in Jan to be a bit too soon… april sounds a fairer cut off and still leaves time to prep and make stuff :muscle:


K me and @Bambi_Meg changed our minds and steampunk is the one. We would all look awesomeballs


Hey folks!

Glad we’ve got a bit more time to decide. I love @Shazda idea of the cardboard car, but it would have to be done 3d to work as a competition winner I think. Im sure Sketchy could give us all his invaluable input into building cardboard awesomeness seen as he is the master! Plus its not like most of us dont have a template to work from if its going to be an mx5. Getting everyone together beforehand would be the big pain though, i reckon trial run when we get there would be more realistic.

In saying all that, would people feel isolated an not in with the fun of having a costume?? I dont know…or could we build a famous car that has characters along with it like the wacky races or something??


Could take both ideas… With 50 people on stand, and us all spread all over the place, each team chooses 1 of the theme (for sake of example, wacky racers) and then we should end up with 5 to 8 manageable projects of the combining car idea, as opposed to 1 giant one, and it would be easiser for everyone to get involved regardless of geographic location…

And team comp and points. :grinning:

(Same scheme would work for Gundams too tho lols , yeah I wanna be a super big fighting robot lols )


To be honest I like all the ideas so far :joy: Glam rock would be bottom of the list but still on it :joy:


The problem with the car one is carrying about all the pieces when your drunk.
What about all just dressing as something and creating an act / routine / display

For example Michael Jackson and zombies and learning the routine. But sure there must be something better than that



Ok so my parrot outfit caused a laugh, but I had no idea where I was or who I was tripping over. Until I’d see the photos I had no idea how good we all looked :joy::joy::joy:


What about something like this?

It’s a lot less work meaning more people would get involved, has a lot more scope for people to be involved equally, and each one can be customised to each persons individual car. The boxes can be made to fold flat and just retaped up when needed to be worn and to make things easier the resident cardboard experts can knock up a rough template and guide for convertibles that can be worn around the waist and another for tin tops that can be worn over the head like in the vid.

So does this idea intensify your euro beat or make you switch to classic fm?


I think that one would have a lot of people joining in… Everyone loves their cars… Who wouldn’t wear a replica of their whip?


The winners other year did that though, but with the plastic cars


They were cosy coupes weren’t they? With Mario characters?


Yeah as above it was cozy coupes and mario costumes.

We’d be going in a different enough direction that I think it would be ok.


Our strength is our numbers. We could do with having a theme that takes advantage of that. So do something that the smaller clubs just can’t.

So for example (and these don’t really work with the whole jap theme):

  • dress as a pack of cards
  • make cardboard shields, and do a whole Roman Army shield wall
  • dress someone up as Wally, and the rest of us as not-Wally.


Following on from @stuartb idea about using our numbers to our advantage. Could have one person as Groo and the rest as minions, could all dress in military garb and march in formation, or we could dress up as a pack of crayola crayons as I mentioned earlier and walk around in colour order.


Games of thrones characters… FIGHT!


Chinese dragon?


Or both… ,3 Chinese dragons (as the dragons from the series) 10 people in each dragon… Then 30 odd people as white walkers, dolthraki, westrosi Knights, and other main characters… @painterdave likes dressing up like girls… He can be daenerys lols


Never mind all that dressing up shit!!!

What’s this about soapbox derby???

My entire lifes ambition!!!


As we have multiple teams, what about each team dressing up as a different group from the same universe (whether that’s ASOIAF/GoT or something else).

I vote against Dave being Daenerys. She spends a lot of time in the nude, and none of us want to see that!