JAE 2017 fancy dress suggestions


Yeah I was th inking like this http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=160555


Yeah that’s the tutorial I read :slight_smile: lots of work.


Im with Shazda her idea awesome cool :+1:


There’s our car !!! :joy::joy::joy:


Lmfao :joy::joy: damn it!!


Defo up for building a car :smiley:


The car idea is cool. Will be a lot of effort to pull it off and I’m not sure how much spare time I would be able to devote to it but it is a good idea. I’m trying to think of something that would be instantly recognisable like the traffic cones were last year and all that’s coming to me is Crayola crayons… I’m not against the car idea. I’m just throwing this out there as an easier alternative. We’d have to assign colours to people (Yeti could be pink? Shame Haris isn’t here as he’d be the obvious choice for Brown :joy:) so we were all different colours for maximum effect.


Lmfao at the preemptive colour designation there @JoeDM :joy: we need Haris on the forum, I’m going to suggest everyone battles it out in getting him to sign up… There’s a badge in it that only one member so far has iirc… I can’t remember how to do it, so were all on the same starting level…


Oh, I love your fancy dress suggestion too! @Yetidragon, do we wanna get a cut off date for suggestions? Cus if we do go with something big, we really do wanna start planning!


End of the month I reckon


Vote for the car guys :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::grin::grinning::kissing::laughing::wink:


We’ll let people make suggestions for the next week or so, then add a vote poll to a new thread and get people voting :wink:


very excited :slight_smile:


Haha! I totally did it! I got @Fizbne to sign up to the forum! Que confusing Australian spelling, spider videos and weird toilet pooping photos… oh dear god what have I done… :laughing:


FFS and the shouting and continuous begging to be able to wield the hammer of banage…


Ey cunts, how you goin mayt.


The problem with the car idea for me is building a cardboard car, on the scale shown above would be difficult to coordinate with everyone making a part.

We could simplify it by doing a 2d one as suggested but again I’m not sure how it would work… unless we made it very simple. If we made it simple then that on its own won’t win us anything without everyone else in costumes to go with it. So what about a bozo theme? Build a bozo car and anyone not a part of the car, wears a bozo costume?


Building of the car won’t be to bad we have some skilled carpenter friends at RPG that would take care of it for us. Other members could be dressed as pit crew ect do a wheel change while on show maybe.
A bozo mx5 sounds like am interesting idea though :smiley:


Cardboard car? Meh. Piece of piss. Just a shame the resident cardboardologist lives hundreds of miles away from any other punks!!

I do however want to air my concerns over a January cut off date for a final desicion for fancy dress theme.
Many attendees probably don’t know if they’re going yet. Many punks might not even know what JAE is. Hell, some folks that are going to be attendees might not even be punks yet. I get that fancy dress on a grand scale takes time, thought and effort (I really do, up until now over the past few years there’s no one made more effort than me!!!) but are we not running the risk of excluding members from the decision making by finalising stuff before the hype has even actually began?

Perhaps I’m just too ‘old school close knit JAE’ as opposed to massive stand JAE.
As ever, just voicing my opinion. Do with it what you will.


January was proposed cut off for suggestions :smiley: decision would be the usual voting thing :smiley: and as ever with 'Punks everything is flexible… usually right up until 35 seconds before :smiley:

It is so hard to get all this right innit :smiley:
Previously I have been asked to organise things earlier and get more people involved… I guess there is a balance point, just need to find it :smiley:

@Sketchy has a point about excluding people, especially as the recent teams and feature car ideas have made a huge influx of new members…

I guess that 4 months is enough time to make what ever we are making, even if it is super huge.
so, Vote to be closed at end of May… how long do we need for voting? 3-4 weeks?

So suggestions to be in by April 30th ? Vote runs until May 31st?

How does everyone feel about that? :smiley: