JAE '16 IKO Badges

Name - IKO
Take part in the IKO competitions at JAE!

Encourage group buys to join in the IKO at JAE

  • Yes! we should have this!
  • Pah, that sounds a bit bloody pants

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Red.white IKO badge for an entry, and a gold one if your event wins?


Sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

Do it! Loved IKO at jae 14

This is one of the things I noticed last year, we didn’t really enter anything. If this encourages people to join then I’m game for it!

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I’m, happy to organise again if noone else wants to. its easy you just take names and add them to lists.

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Wheres my badge?

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Gotta do the art work for it… Think first place warrants a gold one tho

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Probably warrants a 4ft bonnet roundel in glitter sparkle too :joy: have we ever won anything before?

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I think your badge should have an extra big set of wings on it too.