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Yeah OK, badges aren’t backdateable, we know that, but I think we’re missing a trick here. I think it’s be pretty awesome to start up a Jackanory thread, kinda like a virtual campfire that we can sit round a swap story’s. There’s a few of us got tails to tell (…like the time I parked my van in a saltwater Crocodile infested river - there’s a picture of it I just uploaded elsewhere, go look!!!)
I propose we have a special badge, and a dedicated thread on the forum. 'Punks then write out their stories in a creative manner (I don’t mean 'Once upon a time and all that shit) and at the end of each story include a poll. The community then gets to decide if the story is not only good enough, but well written enough, to be published as an interesting or funny blog post on the main punks blog. If it is, the badge is awarded.
I genuinely think this’d be quite interesting to see what tales folks have, although we as a community would need to judge harshly for it to work. Remember, each piece of writing could wind up on the 'punks blog and not only be read by millions, but would also represent us as a group.

To enable punks to write creatively and remeniss about times gone by and the stupid/funny/interesting/amazing/epic things we’ve done in the past. It would also generate some interesting blog material adding variety and maybe some lols to a sea of events posts.

What we saying people?

  • Sketchy man you did it again!!! Cool story bro!
  • Stupid idea you boring motherfu…

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Cool story bro

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This one time at band camp…


This one time, at JAE Camp

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copied from the Epic Save Badge…

so really for this one, and others that would be looking for community approval we kinda need to decide on some easyish way of determining what passes the grade and what doesn’t, cant really say at “X” yes’s it gets through, cos as the forum grows X number of votes will get easier and easier to achieve.

spose we could run on percentage of yes to no over X number of votes and increase how many votes total need to be made on the thread ie, while we are small say 90% yes over 10 votes gets through, when we’ve grown a bit, 90% over 20 votes etc etc. (numbers for purpose of explaination rather than suggestion of actual numbers to be used. I guess we need to do similar with these badge suggestion threads really…