It’s that time again!


0Oopss I’ve done it again!! A mysterious il leak at the back of the engine has caused me to kill another engine!! Triggers broom is living up to his reputation!!
So I am now on the look out for a 1.8 bottom end with no issues to put in my car with my head on etc .
So can you look in your sheds or lockup’s and see if you have a bottom end kicking around that you want out of your way.
Won’t need it until late January as I’m moving house in January ( drive and Garage here we come!!! :smiley::smiley:


does it have to be mk1?


No can be mk2 or 2.5 I have a mk2 head which will fit the vvt engine.


Can have the greens engine if you pull it and put the new one in :joy::joy:


Sounds like a plan! What’s up with the greens engine??


Nothing! Just got my special engine don’t I :slight_smile: I’m not sure when be taking the engine out though as it’s currently off the road at my granny’s haha :joy:


If time works out I’ll see if I can get up to get it out and help you with your nice engine.


Won’t be till March/April till so the engine on it tbh