Introduce yourself.... and your car :D


Looking smart Jordan! Part of the blue gang!! And as @Erik69 said most of us don’t bite! Well I do :joy:


Looking good :sunglasses: nice to see you in here! Would you fancy coming along to another big MX5 meet?

It’s the owners club rally Sunday 30th September, at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire… we’ve got a big plot in the middle for showing off cars, yours would look great on display :star_struck:

It’s open to everyone, so anyone reading this is also welcome! For more info, head over to this thread :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Davena, I used to have a big massive… Nissan 350z with my husband Niko… then I moved to Ibiza cos I have PTSD and then one of my best mates died, and I didn’t have a car… and it was shit. I’ve got a black Mk3 MX5 at the moment… cos I’ve moved back! Yeay! Xxx Did I mention I like stickers…
Oh yeah… i play with fire and i can tattoo… too…


Welcome to the mad House. :joy:


no nik, its not a mad house, its a normal house, everyone outside is mad


Introducing newest member, Piper (little pip) Westwood. Hopefully bring her along to a meet later in the year :grinning: @Yetidragon she needs a hoodie :grin:


Awwwww she’s cute :slight_smile:
Many congrats matey xxx
baby sized merch can be arranged :slight_smile:


Cheers, defo going to need her rocking the punks logos lol :grinning: