Introduce yourself.... and your car :D


Looking smart Jordan! Part of the blue gang!! And as @Erik69 said most of us don’t bite! Well I do :joy:


Looking good :sunglasses: nice to see you in here! Would you fancy coming along to another big MX5 meet?

It’s the owners club rally Sunday 30th September, at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire… we’ve got a big plot in the middle for showing off cars, yours would look great on display :star_struck:

It’s open to everyone, so anyone reading this is also welcome! For more info, head over to this thread :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Davena, I used to have a big massive… Nissan 350z with my husband Niko… then I moved to Ibiza cos I have PTSD and then one of my best mates died, and I didn’t have a car… and it was shit. I’ve got a black Mk3 MX5 at the moment… cos I’ve moved back! Yeay! Xxx Did I mention I like stickers…
Oh yeah… i play with fire and i can tattoo… too…


Welcome to the mad House. :joy:


no nik, its not a mad house, its a normal house, everyone outside is mad


Introducing newest member, Piper (little pip) Westwood. Hopefully bring her along to a meet later in the year :grinning: @Yetidragon she needs a hoodie :grin:


Awwwww she’s cute :slight_smile:
Many congrats matey xxx
baby sized merch can be arranged :slight_smile:


Cheers, defo going to need her rocking the punks logos lol :grinning:


Introducing our new team member, Tripp


What’s his name?


Erm Tripp


Tripp ?? Where did that come from?


Hey, feel like I’ve been away so long I need to reintroduce myself. I’m Gray!! Or otherwise known as Eunos-G/Kuro-G depending on the forum. I used to own a mk3.5 2.0 mx5 kuro. I do own a mk1 eunos, Jaguar xfr and, now another mk3 1.8 mx5

need some help, does the 2.0 lsd fit easy enough and, what supercharger would I need, where do I find the manifold and stuff to charge it? Having no luck on the net emphasized text


@Frankenfive just fitted a 2ltr diff to his… he should have some info for you - but I think it was a direct swap

Supercharger wise, I aint sure tho


Cheers, I’ve dm’d him, save spamming up the board


Goood to have you back BTW matey xxx not seen ya in ages, you just missed the peaks run again lol.


Good to be back! Still rock my japfest all for Ron T-shirt. I’m always missing something haha!! Tag me into any track day posts if you remember!! Do you think my hard dog bar from the mk1 will bolt into the mk3?


I’ve pmd you, :grin: