Introduce yourself.... and your car :D


Great to meet you, car is looking awesome. Just a pity I had to split with car troubles!!!


thanks good to meet you too :slight_smile: did you manage to get it sorted?


cheers bud and yer i thought it was obvious given the name plus im pretty sure you have seen my engine bay with the 2 jets plumed into the intake pipes :laughing: :joy: easy mistake though especially when its ‘NOT ON THE FORUM’ :laughing: it was a toss up between methzed and ‘i do meth’ but the latter may have raised a few eyebrows :sweat_smile:


Not yet but should be done before Japfest


hey there james, was great to meet you on the last punks peaks run, welcome to the forum, anything you need to know just ask. also spotted you in Leicester last week near fosse park, be good to see you at the next peaks run


cheers m8 was good to meet you to ,yer il be at the next one was an awesome day im also doing japfest and trax with you guys and possibly jae later in the year so im sure were have a chat again at some point :+1:


Was nice to meet you on the last punks run matey!! Your zed is looking lovely!! If you need any help with anything or any advice just give us a shout :slight_smile:


Any newbies? Shout up!

We May be part way through show and event season, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still LOADS to get on board with!

We still have

Retro Rides Gathering
Simply Japanese
Japanese performance Show
(In no particular order!)

And LOADS more planned to attend! So shout up if you’re new, let’s see what we can get you to experience with Combustionpunks before 2018 is out :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Nicole and I’m new to the forum! I’ve finally got a Mk1 Mx5 after a year and a half of a tiny city Aygo (and getting jealous of @linkheroz car) Insurance is expensive AF so mods may have to wait a little while…

Meet Pea! (hover mode initiated)

She still needs a few little bits doing to make her run a little better (and maybe the existence of a handbrake) but hopefully we will see some progress in the next few months!


Hey @ColeasaurusRex! Welcome to the forum :sunglasses:

I may have seen Pea, and Mylo approved :wink::joy: will visit again soon, sorry we missed you! Glad you’ve saved that one, looks a tidy enough start for a personalised project :star_struck: looking forward to seeing what you do with it in the future!

(Because upside down peas taste better :flushed::joy::thinking:)


Just for a little more background on the car, I bought it from a guy at Lands End (literally 2 miles from there) for a small amount. It had an immobilser problem, which was fixed with a fresh ECU and locks. I bought it with the intention to give it to Nicole ass a birthday present, if the rust wasn’t bad, or to break if it was.

As you can tell, it wasn’t that bad. It just needs 2 outer sills (which the sale of the Aygo will fund) and the inner sills are better than my car! It’s a Monaco (it had the Monaco wheels but needed tyres) which is 1 or 131 left in the UK. It’s a base spec model, manual rack, windows and mirrors, and came with a tan roof.

It flew through an MOT with new tyres and breaks after being sat for 2 years! Even passed on emissions!

It’s a nice blank canvas for her too do what she wants with it. Although after a drift experience at Prodrift Academy, she now wants a drift car :stuck_out_tongue:


Just want to say hello :slight_smile:

Matt let me in so blame him :stuck_out_tongue:



And you brought the damn cat with you :heart:




No animatey matey. My kitten likes to shoot at things.


We are a safe environment lol


Hey Daz!


Hi I’m Jordan, I’m an apprentice mechanic from West Wales! Bought a MK1 1.8 eunos as my first car, been driving it for the last year and a half and love it! This was the car when I first bought it:

Since owning it, I’ve only fitted some aftermarket coilovers (only cheap ones for now, as I had 4 knackered shocks and needed a replacement!), New wheels, made my own exhaust, front splitter, ducktail spoiler, new steering wheel and a few other little bits.
this is it at the moment, still plenty on the list to do, just finding time to get round to it all!

Hoping to get it resprayed over winter, going to stick with the same colour as I haven’t seen a MK1 this colour yet! Will be attending a few more car shows aswell next year, only did both the japfests this year! Was on the mx5takeover stand at donnington with alot of you guys!


Hi Jordan. Nice looking motor. Welcome to the group. Don’t be afraid to chip in or ask questions. We don’t bite ( well not all of us !!)


hi and welcome buddy, that is a sweet ride, as for biting, nothing wrong with a little nibble piers :rofl: