Introduce yourself.... and your car :D


there is a place in Chesterfield that @TrikeLife94 used, @Jay_Moss is currently doing some research into other options too :smiley:


Would I be able to borrow a set? What sort of condition are yours in? I wouldn’t want to give you a worse condition set in return haha.


yeah matey you can :smiley:
you can come and see them one night if you wanna. They are in sheffield city centre


@corders @Yetidragon, Sam’s recommendation is looking like the cheapest. Can’t remember the company name but got it written down at home so will update later!


Dfb contracting services think it’s called, google sans blasting chesterfield and it’ll come up :slight_smile: be surprised if you can get cheaper than there like :slight_smile:


Hi All,

New comer here, I’m Frazer and live in Leeds - owned a MK1 MX5 for 6months or so now prepping it for its first track day out at Teeside 26th March. Here’s a few pictures of how she looks before starting on some work, it’s my first time doing mechanical work on my own car but no better way to learn.

First thing to go in my mind was the lexus lights - which has been completed but no pics

Day out at the MX5 OC National Rally

Fast5 Radiator going in

GV Lip added

GC3 Roll bar purchased and now fitted (pics later)

Started to spot leaks coming from cam cover gasket / cas o ring so replaced them both and thought it was a good time to paint

Ever since the radiator replacement I had a small water leak and never really found it, to me it looked to be the thermostat housing so decided it was time to replace and whilst doing the work I could tackle the timing belt / water pump and all accessible seals.

This is my most recent picture from weekend just gone.

Almost finished my work at this point in time for 26th March although the front housing to thermostat had broken away this evening trying to get it all back together so finger crossed its back on the road in time.

Look forward to seeing all your cars and will try to pop to as many event as I can.


Awesome! They’re such tinker-able little cars, aren’t they? :heart_eyes:

Really looking forward to seeing this (and what you can do with it) at Teesside!! See you soon and welcome to the forum :smile::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:


Hey so i’m Andy (insert mugshot below)

You probable wont be surprised to hear I have a Eunos, have done for 9months or so. So far limitted has been done since I purchased it though I’ve now got a small mountain of parts I need to get working though. It currently looks a little different to the picture below. But you get the idea.

( Its the blue one :wink: )

Hopefully see a few people around at JapFest, JDMCombe and hopefully RRG if I dont get manflu like last time. I am hoping to take it on Track at some point but all I seem to have done at present is add extra weight :roll_eyes:


Hi All,

My name is Chris, I’m not really new to the forum even though I have never posted, I have been a long time lurker. I am hoping to get involved with the group (time allowing) and meet some of you.

Some of you may recognise my little Eunos!



Hey Chris! Nice to see you participating :blush: would be awesome to see more of you this year, and your little Eunos! There’s loads going on, can find most of it under the Events Shows and Social tab :sunglasses:

Isn’t the photo upload the easiest thing ever on this forum? :heart_eyes: She looks great :smile:


Thanks Clare for the warm welcome.

Unfortunately (or fortunately not sure yet) my little Eunos doesn’t look like that anymore! I’m very much in the middle of erm changes!!) I will have to get my blog up and running, well its up and running but I’ve not used it yet! I never know what to write lol!!

Yes, the forum is great, much nicer than other forum layouts, I’m still working my way around but its nice and easy :wink: I’m still on the hunt for a team to join as well :wink:

I REALLY want to get involved with the group and I was tempted to run one of the shows that Yetti put up but it’s having the time at the moment what with working on the car and I am also renovating a house so my spare time is pretty much zero!! plus I’m trying to come up with things to make money to pay for car parts lol!! BUT I am hoping my car will actually be on the road before the summer and I can join in with some of the Punk antics :slight_smile: and I’m only 25 minutes from Blyton so hopefully i can get to come to some of the track days (my daught has a pert time job at teh ice-cream parlour so im there nearly every weekend!)


If you’re ‘without a team’ then it sounds like you’re a exactly what we’re looking for :wink:

Team TWAT consists of 3 members and was purely formed for people who didn’t have a team when all this team stuff started. We can’t really offer you much other than the word ‘twat’ underneath your picture…

You never know, we could be the underdogs this year. Then again, probably not… I’m not really selling this am I? Anyway, It’s an option for you :joy:


Introduced myself already, but introducing my new car!


I had an 80’s colt mirage with a 4 spd split ratio box ( basically a lever that selected hi or lovratio in every gear =8spd box :rofl::rofl::rofl:) I loved that car more than my XR3i at the time


That actually sounds awesome!


It was but 0-60 required two people to operate the gearbox


Takes the term ‘co-driver’ to a whole new level!


hi guys and gals, my names is James new to the forum but attended a couple of events with you guys already but thought i would introduce myself to the members ive not yet met. :slightly_smiling_face: .abit about me: like the rest of you, cars our my life modified to stock and everything in between ,to me it doesnt matter even if its not to my taste(my car is very marmite lol) i still appreciate the hard work thats gone into a build and thats what the cars scene should be about diversity, because lets face it it would be boring if we had all the same tastes! most my friends today are through going to car related events so i look forward to meeting more of you at future events and getting to see your cars :grin:

now abit about my car its a nissian 300zx twin turbo aka methzed insta:@meth_zed
this car has been a love hate relationship for the past 5 years and finally im getting to use and enjoy it,its bright green so you cant miss it! ive always loved the 300zx since i was a kid, but wanted to do something completely different and have a track car with a bit more bhp than stock but still road legal ish :joy:,

heres a few pics


Welcome! Lovely Z32 you’ve got :slight_smile:


great to have you here matey :smiley:

Its shameful that until you opened the boot I thought you were called MethZed cos it was green :laughing::laughing::laughing:
and then I saw the Devils own tank :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: