Introduce yourself.... and your car :D


Am I right in thinking that Combe have extended club applications to the 5th Feb now? Swear I saw that somewhere.


5th March is cut off for it originally, but due to high demand it’s been cut off.
If anyone sees that it’s opened up again on Facebook then tag me incase I miss it please.
Will be emailing asking for 20/30 car stand probably once it re opens.


Ah, my mistake. Looking on the website the bit that I saw was this:

Clubs who have already registered can still purchase club passes with their club code. We ask that you confirm your final numbers through payment by Monday 5th February.

I’ll keep an eye on the website to see if they take the hold off at any point and let you know :smiley:


Hi, I’m Liam and this is my 5.

I am currently getting some coilovers put on it then I’m going to attempt to fit a roll bar this weekend (Going to have it corner weighted and aligned next week). I have had it for a while and go to the Sheffield mx5’s pub run on a Friday when I can but I’m gonna try and make it to more meets/track days through the year.


Hi Liam and welcome to the forum. Can I ask where your getting the alignment and corner weighting done? And how much are you paying for it? Just about to get mine done and need some recommendations


Thanks. I have been recommended roddisons in Sheffield. Got quoted around £200 think it was a bit less.

Unfortunately it is not happening anymore as the place fitting my coilovers said there was a lot of seized bolts and one that was just spinning round (which is a common problem on mx5’s I think) so it would have taken a long time and cost too much. I’m thinking of what to do instead. Might try and fit them myself or get a new car haha


You’ll get used to rusty and seized nuts, im still snapping them after five years of ownership!
I’m sure some one up there in Sheffield can give you a hand! I would but I’m down in Nottingham so it’s not really viable


The spinning bolt sounds like the rear lower shock bolt to me. They have a captive nut for the bolt which sometimes breaks free on some cars. If you look underneath the lower suspension arm you can see the captive nut in a little hole. Can’t remember the size of spanner, but you can take a spanner and grind the edges down so it is thinner, and slot it in there onto the loose captive nut. This should then help you to free the spinning bolt.


Ah, ok. I am going to have a proper look at some point. Going to a track day on the 25th though so don’t want to accidentally take it off the road until after then haha.


hey welcome buddy, about time you got on here


17mm if my memory serves me right. Did mine two/three weeks ago and one of mine is no longer captive!! (Aka- Wild Nut!!) they are the same nuts as the long bolts on the rear hub.


Yeah, had a little look today. The suspension arms are not in the best condition. Might see if I could pick up a second hand lower arm in good condition to replace it with.


To be honest mine were flaking with rust so a wire brush up with the angle grinder and some acrylic paint sees them right. I did rush them as I needed the car back on the road so they will tust again but if you use a good rust inhibitor like POR15 you should be good.
They may look shagged but they have plenty of metal on them (normally)!!


Did someone say pictures of pretty arms and sub frames :wink::smirk::smirk:


Nice to have the luxury of taking it off the road for more than a weekend!!
Nice booga green arms :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


I’ve got a couple of spare sets that I am willing to lend people to get powder coated, that way you can do the swap in one day and gimmie your old ones back in exchange :smiley:


I’ll have a set available soon once my spare sets powder coated and fitted!


I need to get my spares shot blasted and powdercoated at some point soon

Any recommendations?


Ya Kawasaki ninja green actually mister a renowned winning colour


Actually one of my favourite greens having had 3 Kwacks in the past. ( two blue ones and a black and gold one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)