Introduce yourself.... and your car :D


Some say that she draws her super natural powers of awesomeness from everyone else’s negative energy and that she knows two things about Skegness, and both are wrong, all we know is’ she’s called the gaffoor


:joy: been here 3 months… Glad youre comfortable enough to pick on the big kids :wink: :joy:


Settled in pretty well I’d say!!!



If my bag o’ shite can go on the club stand then anyone can :wink:


Hi guys!
I’m Phil, and this is my car
so far at least, not pictured is the mess someone made of my front wing on saturday before driving off :thinking:


do we have any new members who’d like to post up in here? :smile:


Yeah, hi, I’m Sketchy, 40yo from Cornwall. Here’s my ride…


Hi, I am Catherine (or just Cat), and this is my MX5:

She is mostly stock apart from bushes, coilovers, wheels, exhaust, cage and seats. So still underpowered and barely even makes single-tyre-fire unless it’s wet. But she drives beautifully (like all MX5s) and looking to fix the power issue in near future with turbo or supercharger, still can’t decide which.

Only found Combustion Punks through the Sheffield MX5 Facebook group, and mainly joined because some of the events look cool and I love the look of the decals :wink:

And that white thing in the background was my Punto (called “Catbus”), but I sold that few months ago as hardly drove her anymore. Still kinda miss her though.

Edit: Also, two things you should probably know before meeting me. I am transgender, and love pick-up trucks.


Morning! What a beasty MX5, I adore the styling, such taste! :heart_eyes: Hopefully get to meet you out and about :smiley: I beleive @Yetidragon has a pick up for sale… Its pretty slow mind :stuck_out_tongue:


Morning @Cat :smiley:
you been out in many boosted 5s to help you make your choice? before I boosted my last one I went out in as many as I could to get a feel for which I preferred… and decided to super charge… then a turbo kit came up at a good price so I changed my mind lol :smiley:


@Sophie hasn’t been brave :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m rich or reechard, 30 from the south West and I now own another 5


Got a plate plinth for that if you come get it


This is fantastic news!



I’m Lewis, actually had this for a little while and is definitely a work in progress. Planning to fit coilovers next weekend.

I’m quite new to working on cars but I have a few mates with experience so I had some guidance. I went to Japfest at Silverstone last year and saw your stand. I was hoping to go to some meet/track days this year so thought it would be a good idea to meet some like minded people!


Welcome. Not a bad looking 5 :grin:


Hey Lewis :grin: welcome to the forum!!

She looks ace… mk2.5? There’s a topic on here with all the events we’re attending/ debating this year…

There’s also an mx5 only track day Up in Teesside in March being organised :slight_smile: where are you from?


Thanks :blush:, and yes it’s a 2.5.

I’m from Berkshire, sort of Reading area so planning to make most of the south events if I’m available. I was planning to start off with Combe in April since its fairly local but I’ll try and get “up north” too!


Combe sadly is currently unavailable, they shut the club applications really early!!

If you are interested on Sunday is a meet in bracknell for MX5s.


Yeah would definitely be up for that. Where abouts and what time?

I was planning to go to combe anyway to be fair. Mighty 5’s posted on Facebook, I believe they have a stand but not sure. Either way wanted to see if I could get some time on the track to see how it handles with the mods