Introduce yourself.... and your car :D


big up the east coast massive lol


You know where we are:grin:


welcome buddy, cool car and cool place to live, i was in hemsby not long ago


Yo. I’ve been an active user on Nutz for about 4 years, and more recently Mighty5s, thought I’d have a look on here as I see you guys referenced a lot in different places.

Had 3 different MX-5s now, currently got a '92 Eunos Roadster, which is slowly being refreshed from semi-neglect in the past:

And shameless sideshot of me:

This forum name seemed apt, so here I am. Will be good to get to know some new faces!


Ey up, nice of you to join up, hawk is cool AF! If you ever want it dying red, hit me up :smirk::joy: will see you at some shows no doubt… JAPFEST? :slight_smile:


Haha thanks Clare. Scared of dyeing/bleaching it as don’t want to accelerate my hair line loss!

In two minds about shows, I need to put the money into maintenance and mods first really, though I think next year I’ll start getting involved more in the show scene, been to a few meets and the MX-5 community is always pretty sound.


Hahaha! No bleach required :smirk::joy: I hear what youre saying about making your car. Show worthy’ first, but we really do have all kinds of makes models and conditions display with us… For many, its the social and inspiration :wink:

If youre Brighton way, you may bump into @Isomx and @maisiemk1… Its 8am… Cant think who else is down south… @Sketchy is the very end of the earth with his fleet of JDM goodness :sweat_smile: either way, welcome to the forum, and if you need or want anything from advice to spare parts, Theres someone to help!

See you around :smile: (PS… Massage stimulates the hair growth) :joy::+1:


Can someone buy @JDM_Clare a map? Or at least show her how to use Google earth earth or something???



:sob: @JDM_Clare geography skills. Brilliant.


Yeah, I’m not trying to make it show perfect, just want it to look a bit more sorted before I show it off anywhere haha.

Pretty sure Maisie is Sue, I’ve met her quite a few times at the Sussex meet with the little purple 5 she has. Not sure the others are around my way though haha.


Welcome btw @Bilbo! There was a lifeguard dog that lived down hear called Bilbo, it’s also a Surf brand - my buddy has a Bilbo board, it’s pretty sweet!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

@JDM_Clare - just for reference, you’re just over 60 miles closer to Brighton than me :wink::joy::joy:


Thanks mate! Pretty sure I recognise your name from Nutz? I don’t spend as much time on there now as I used to, it’s not the same anymore.

Haha, nice, really living that Cornwall life! We’re by the sea here, but it’s not quite as picturesque! Closest I’ve ever come to surfing is listening to the Beach Boys :joy:


Yeah I was over at Nutz too, I did a couple of japfest 2 stands which is likely why you recognise the name. My experience is kinda the same as yours, its not like it used to be - I became a little disenfranchised with it all when it got sold within weeks of getting ‘clubstand of the show’ at jf2 14. Haven’t really been on since the sale.
I’ve since ‘re-relocated’ to Cornwall (long story) so I simply couldn’t be as active as I once was even if I wanted to be - the only correct part of the geographically hopeless @JDM_Clare’s statement (:joy::joy::joy:) is the fact I live at the end of the world (20 miles from lands end specifically!!)

There is a surprisingly active JDM scene down here which I dabble with a bit and there’s talks with the ‘CornishJDM’ car club at the moment with regards to putting together a little something special for 'Punks in 2018 - watch this space :wink:


Ah ok, yeah definitely seen your name about on there in the past. It’s a shame what went on really, was thriving when I first joined in 2013! Oh well, plenty of other places (like here!).

The Cornwall JDM scene is not something I would have thought would be too thriving, but glad to hear it is! I’m definitely going to try and get involved in the 2018 season, might actually get on a track at some point in my life :joy:


Mark and Sue arent Brighton? You sure? :joy::see_no_evil: cringe! South is south :sweat_smile::joy:

Its kinda a fact now… Even though I cover over 50,000 miles a year, I literally dont know Norfolk from Northhamptonshire :thinking::joy::expressionless: I like to call it geographically challenged


South is indeed south, unless you’re me then it’s north!!!

Anyway, saw this and thought of you @JDM_Clare


Im dying :joy: Im not quite as bad as I make out… I know skegg is the other side of the island… Right? :joy:


Sue is basically in Brighton almost to be fair haha.


:heart_eyes: Skegvegas