Introduce yourself.... and your car :D


Hey welcome jack, I had a Peugeot 207 gti running 260 Bhp, good cars really. Don’t miss it though since I got my 5


@Lokki I cant believe how bad the build quality is thought! Ive had mine since october and so much has gone wrong already! I’ll still be using my 208 as my daily when i get my 5 just because its the 1.4 diesel and gets around 80mpg so i cant really complain!


Been on the forum for a while but just found out about this threat

im John, 21 live in South of Birmingham and this is my Bae :stuck_out_tongue:


Great looking five :smiley:


What threat


Bwhahahaha :joy: *thread someones auto correct is angry!


Really sweet ride though buddy


Hello guys! My name is Giel, 22 years old and I’m as Dutch as it gets.
Here’s my 1991 mx-5 na with an nbfl 1.8 vvt swap :smiley:

I might be comming to Japfest at Donington (95% sure :smiley: )


Welcome to the forum :smiley: im sure you alresdy know, but stand tickets close 9th June :smiley:


Hello, Just joined . I am in Chesterfield and run a 1990 1.6 turbo charged 5


Hi and welcome I’m in Bolsover


Hi @Spikey,
Welcome aboard!!
Have you got any pictures of your car? :grin:
We like pictures…:joy:


Lokki, just round the corner. I am in north wingfield. Will upload some pictures. Raining today. I have been on the nutz forum for a few years thought I would come across say hello.


Nutz forum isnt as active or useful as it Once was! Im a Mod on the fb page, have been for the last 5 or so years :hammer::smiling_imp: lols. Nice of you to join us, love a good NA! Lets see her :heart_eyes:
Although Punks is open to all makes and models, there are a huge number of 5’s with us, many like yourself coming from Nutz. @Yetidragon organises the club stands for Nutz n Punks at shows, next one is Japfest2 at Donington if youre game? Im also Bozer way, Wimps side :blush::sweat_smile: hope to see you around! If you need anything just shout :slight_smile:


I have done Japfest 2 a few times. Unfortunately I am not available to go this year.:persevere:


JAE is the show to make sure you dont miss! End of August till 3rd September, 4 day camping Jap ONLY event with car club rivalry, Competitions, events, off roading, Drifting and more :muscle::heart_eyes:

Theres also the weekly friday pub meet in Sheff at the hardy pick, broadfield close that Sheffield MX5s host :slight_smile: be nice to see you around!


I’m mark from beccles nd drive a green mk1!! Ps I’m new to this :smiley:


Welcome to the forum, mazda friends!! Lol…
Erm… Where is Beccles? :sweat_smile:


Beccles is in Suffolk, between Lowestoft nd Norwich


Wow, sea side meet by @Mwebe then! :sweat_smile: