Introduce yourself.... and your car :D



You cropped my watermark off the photo :frowning:


Sorry @hoodedreeper it was a screenshot I have amended it now. Great photos :grinning:


Thank you :blush:



Hey guys, my name is Sam and I’m from Bristol!

Recently signed up and will be at Japfest this weekend with my Black 1997 NA MX5.

My other cars are a 2006 (55) BMW 535d (E60) M-Sport Spaceship and a 1998 Citroen Saxo VTS Phase 1 (with significant rust issues because french, currently being welded)

Will post piccies soon.

I will be attending as many events as i can, looking forward to meeting some of you, and helping out!



Hi Sam. I’m also from Bristol and also have a black 97 mk1.
Are you on the punks stand at japfest?


Hi Oli,

Good man! Yes I am. Camping too


Hey All

Im Callum…@yetidragon did some Yetidragging and now Im here!

So, im an off roadist and an autosoloist too :slight_smile:

I drive a 1989 Range Rover Classic, a 1994 MK1 MX5 and a as yet undecided daily thing (should have decided soon)

Im Competition Secretary for Clowne Motor Club and will HOPEFULLY be giving updates to any events we have on!


Evenin’ all :slight_smile:
The @Yetidragon invited me here after a few messages exchanged on FB after seeing The Fastback with Clare at the wheel on the M6 Northbound ? Bit random but anywho !

I’m Mike, 32 and I am a GT4-aholic, I’m a Squaddie for all my sins so don’t hold that against me too much ! :wink:

Here are my Girls;

  • Old ex Army Land Rover Defender 2.5D Naturally Aspirated (with plans to drop a 300TDI and gearbox in her)
  • White 205 GT4 is my girlfriends with her grinning like the cat that got the cream behind (Emmie might be hopping on here at some point in the not too distant future )
  • Black Widebody 185 GT4 with Rev3 Upgrade, Link Atom ECU and a few other bits and bobs.
  • Black 205 GT4 WRC Edition running 400bhp with a view to Racing her in the future with the Army to raise money for military Charities, have got Recaro on board sponsoring me and hoping to get some more in time to drop a nice 5SGTE in and get her upto 600bhp for Time Attack and Sprints.

This was at Rallyday 2016, Castle Combe

Me and Emmie have been to quite a few meets and try to get to the Retro Rides meet every year at Shelsey Walsh.

Hope to see you lads and lasses about !


great to see you here matey, and that is one awesome collection :smiley: hope to see them in the flesh real soon :smiley:


welcome to the mad house :slight_smile:


Not mad house mad not house not mad hi and welcome, nurse!!! I’ve escaped again


Hi Im Jenny :slight_smile: im a clay modeller at Jaguar, living near coventry and this is my mx5 NC :slight_smile:


Welcome to the madness, and yay another member from the midlands :grin:


welcome to the fun


Smelly styling clay that works the wrong way round to normal clay?



I am very jealous of your job!


Yes haha :stuck_out_tongue:


OK new to this forum malarky but Clare said I’d get points.

I’m Liam, 23 living in Stokenchurch near high Wycombe.
This is me holding some freshly imported JDM goodness

Below is my car. Its 255 bhp ATM, but currently in for forged build. Should see a comfy 350bhp. Show/scene whore, wouldn’t be surprised if you’re bored of it already but meh, enjoy.
Mk2.5 front end and lights and a vvt engine. Could list mods but you’d all fall asleep.
Fav mods gotta be the big fat turbo (Gt560R), carbon overfenders and 17x9.5 et-10 work Meister’s



Posted a few things on here now but i realised i havent introduced myself :flushed:.
So HEY! Im jack, i currently drive a peugeot 208 (cries internally) and it was the worst purchase of my life :joy: All about dat 80mpg tho! (It’s also not worthy of being on the forum cause its a bag of shite, i wont upload a photo dont worry you’re all safe :joy:) Im currently on the hunt for a mk1 mx5 and hopefully should have one by august this year!