Introduce yourself.... and your car :D



We need pics!


At the moment I only have this ones with me, and then I have my camera with millions of photos… I really need some time to compact everything :sweat_smile:


You’re not kidding are you!!! I love my car but have always drawn the line at serenading it!!!

…Anyway, awesome Datsun, it’s great to have another car on the forum that isn’t an mx5 (absolutely nothing against 5’s, I have one myself, but we’re pretty saturated with them!)

Welcome to 'punks!


Also, where are you based? That Datsun is a left hooker and I’m not great at recognising plates!


Oh well, my Dat was and is a good company for me, I’ve spent a really good time driving it… Full throttle, around roundabouts, and going up hills… :innocent:


I’m from Portugal, but now I’m living and working in the UK. I’m living and working in London :slight_smile:


My mum used to have a Citroen C2 that spoke Portuguese…

…At least it did after I attempted to alter the time on her clock for her anyway!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Still don’t know how I managed it!!!

Welcome to the forum, you now need to go and find yourself a ‘team’ (details of what that’s all about are in the link below) and since Portugal is pretty ‘far away’ I reckon I know which team you’d ought to pick :wink::wink::wink:


Love the 510 @Jorge_Simoes! I agree with @Sketchy you’d be right at home with @TEAMToku


I’m Joe, this is my face:

I did have a carbon MX5 up until February which looked like this:

After spending all that money on being a carbon whore and buying a turbo kit (which I never got round to fitting) I decided I wanted something less reliable and much heavier so I bought this:

I’ll be seeing you lovely lot at japfest, JAE and whatever other shows I can make it to :slight_smile:


@JoeDM, has anyone ever told you that you look an awful lot like that Car SOS fella…:grinning:


Oh Fuzz? Me and him are proper bezzies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi I’m Jacky, I’ve already met some of you when i have been to the pub run on a Friday in Sheffield with my partner Lokki, well I’ve caught the MX5 bug too and have now bought my own MK2 1.8, looking forward to getting it ready to take to the pub run in a week or two.


Hi @Jacky :smile: looks like a good base car youve got there, cant wait to see what you do with it… Might pop over and see you tomorrow!! Hope youre enjoying the sunshine​:slight_smile:


i can chuck some food on if you want to come straight from work save going back and forth and Milo is welcome too :slight_smile:


Sounds good! Ill have to fetch the mazda, be about 5? Work are pretty strict about using the van outside of Work hours… Think its an insurance thing… Mylo comes everywhere with me, so nice to know he is welcome, thank you, cant wait! :smile:


5’s good for me, see you both tomorrow :slight_smile:


Hi for those who don’t know me I’m mark from Sutton Coldfield and work as a telecommunications engineer I’ve always been interested in cars and went to my first show last year at japfest rocks and had a awesome day
now I am part of #team RPG and have made a lot of new friends
me and my wife @Kimbo purchased our first mx5 last September and have been on several stands since and been made to feel welcome thank you👍


Nice to see you the weekend Mark, love the fact youve felt welcomed, thats what it’s all about. #carfriends!! :smile: see you at the next one!


Hi I’m Kim I’m married to @Mark_Vader, I love my mx5 (BooBoo) I’m part of #TeamRPG. I had a great time at spad on the #combustionpunks stand and looking forward to then next show.


hi kim, welcome to the mad house, nice car